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Chinese Horoscope (ENG) November 2, 2023

(RAT) You won’t hesitate to meet the needs of your loved one in life. You know that you are their refuge, so you will be open-handed to them. In all of this, you won’t find anyone to compare to you. Lucky numbers; 11,32,35,36

(OX) No matter what you do, if something isn’t meant for you, you won’t attain it. This also applies to people, so don’t force yourself on someone who clearly doesn’t have genuine feelings for you. Lucky numbers; 4,5,16,20

(TIGER) You can’t stop someone who is determined to pursue their plans unless you present a better plan. But if you’re all talk, don’t expect to change their mind. Lucky numbers; 13,14,25,32

(RABBIT) You can learn a lot from a person you dislike if you give them a chance to share their knowledge with you. Don’t let your annoyance overshadow the fact that there’s no concrete reason for it. Lucky numbers; 32,40,41,44

(DRAGON) Your future looks bright if you continue your efforts. Don’t pay attention to the people around you who are just afraid you might outshine them; focus on what you need to do. Lucky numbers; 5,15,23,36

(SNAKE) Be vigilant about scammers on social media. They can easily manipulate you because you’re currently seeking something. You need to listen to your friends’ advice if you don’t want to end up in trouble. Lucky numbers; 9,17,18,22

(HORSE) You’ll encounter an old friend again. You’ll hear a lot about your past acquaintances. You’ll be inspired by one of their life stories, and you might want to emulate it in the future. Lucky numbers; 30,41,59,65

(SHEEP) Protect your original ideas because there’s a high chance they might get stolen from you. If someone takes them away now, it will be difficult to recover them, so start thinking about how to protect them. Lucky numbers; 6,13,17,34

(MONKEY) You’ll be inspired today by someone unexpected. Your entire day will be filled with joy, and you’ll carry this feeling with you until you go to sleep, leaving you with a sense of peace. Lucky numbers; 44,57,68,79

(ROOSTER) Accept that not every day is filled with luck and happiness, so even if your day isn’t great, don’t dwell on it too much because you’ll continue to hope for a better morning. Lucky numbers; 21,22,39,41

(DOG) You don’t need to involve yourself in family quarrels. If you try to insert yourself even when you’re not part of it, you’ll only create more problems for yourself rather than for them. Lucky numbers; 2,10,14,15

(PIG) You’ll feel a cooling off in your relationship. Find out the reason for it now, so you can take steps to address it. If you don’t act, your love’s foundation may crumble. Lucky numbers; 51,55,64,69

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