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Love is Never Too Far Away

Life begins at 40. That’s the saying held onto by old maids. After all, within forty years, they haven’t found their prince charming. But it’s not too late. There are still ways you can try if you’re one of those seeking true love and immeasurable happiness.

Forget the past – Some people can’t move on from past relationships even after many years. So, during potential moments where she could meet her man of her dreams, it gets postponed because she carries the baggage of her bitter past.

Go out and socialize – Sulking inside your house isn’t a good idea if you’re looking for true love. Get out and meet many people. Attend parties and bond with friends at the mall. You might bump into him or meet him at a gathering. Consider online dating too.

Give chances – When you were a teenager, it was natural to have standards for the guy you wanted to be your boyfriend. He might be tall, dark, and handsome. But you were young back then and had plenty of time. Now that you’re not getting any younger, don’t be too picky. Give the guy who’s courting you a chance regardless of his looks and characteristics. Get to know him, maybe there’s a special something about him that others don’t have and that can make you happy.

Think of blind date as your first date ever – If you say that blind dates only work in movies, you’re wrong. Many have ended up together after a blind date and who knows, the same might happen to you. Just think of it as your very first date where and when you felt a lot of excitement. Restaurants aren’t the only venues for your blind date, it could also be anywhere you’re comfortable with like parks, cinemas, or even a sports venue.

Don’t rush – If the guy you like is a widower, don’t rush into getting to know his children or family and have him know yours too. Get to know him first. You need to make sure for yourself that he’s ‘the one’.

Romance shouldn’t disappear – Just because you’re in your forties doesn’t mean sweetness isn’t for you anymore. You still need to be romantic and especially active in sex. It’s undeniable that this is one of the important aspects of a relationship.

Someone to come home to – It feels great that after a tiring day at work, you’ll come home to someone you love who’s waiting for your arrival. You’ll be the one preparing your dinner and cooking breakfast too. You’ll also be in charge of organizing your things as well as his clothes.

Pre-nup can also help – It’s not about being negative but we can’t predict the course of our lives and the turns of our fate so it’s better to have this agreement to protect each other’s hard work.

Planning for the wedding – This is the day you’ve both been waiting for, your wedding day. But you need to plan this well and decide together.

A happy love – Not everyone believes in fairy tales. However, there’s nothing more fulfilling than knowing that both of you are sure you want to be together until old age. The feeling that you can’t live without him and he can’t live without you either.

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