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Love Horoscope October 25, 2023

ARIES This is the right opportunity you’ve been waiting for to break up with them. You shouldn’t hesitate anymore because you’ve thought about it many times, and they haven’t changed. Lucky numbers: 5 & 7

TAURUS There will be a significant change in your relationship with your partner due to the interference of your in-laws. This will make you reconsider whether you should let go or continue fighting for the relationship. Lucky numbers: 11 & 17

GEMINI You didn’t expect to miss them so quickly. When they were by your side, you were at ease and not thinking about a future without them. But now, you suddenly long for them. Lucky numbers: 59 & 68

CANCER You’ll meet someone who will make you smile and quicken your heart’s beat. But you won’t entertain these feelings because someone loves you sincerely, and you wouldn’t want to replace them. Lucky numbers: 34 & 62

LEO Someone from your past will return. You’ll be confused about whether you should accept them again or not. Remember the happy times you shared, but don’t forget the reasons for your separation. Lucky numbers: 22 & 39

VIRGO Now, you’ll admit to yourself that you do love them. But just because you’ve admitted it to yourself doesn’t mean you’ll confess to them. You’ll let it grow naturally if they are really meant for you. Lucky numbers: 11 & 24

LIBRA You don’t need to avoid your ex. They will be the one to stay away from you because they know you belong to someone else now. You won’t have any problems with them, even if you meet at an event. Lucky numbers: 7 & 14

SCORPIO What you’ll discover about their dark past won’t be an obstacle for both of you. Instead, you will love and admire them even more because they’ve overcome such challenges. Lucky numbers: 20 & 30

SAGITTARIUS As time goes on, you’ll fall even deeper for them. This is because of their affection towards you at all times when you’re together. Controlling your heart will become challenging. Lucky numbers: 3 & 9

CAPRICORN You can make them smile just by commenting on their posts. Even if you don’t see their smile in person, or if they don’t react to it, you’ve certainly pleased them. Lucky numbers: 4 & 29

AQUARIUS You have nothing to worry about the state of your heart in their heart. Even if they aren’t expressing it much right now, they are still thinking about you. They are just busy with work. Lucky numbers: 28 & 34

PISCES Because you won’t like the person your friend is recommending as a partner for you, you’ll decide to keep your distance instead of offending them or getting into disagreements. Lucky numbers: 33 & 45

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