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Love Horoscope October 22, 2023

ARIES Maintain your self-confidence because your partner is always there to defend you against all those who oppose you. This will boost your courage in facing them even more. Lucky numbers: 25 & 35

TAURUS You are leaning on the experiences you and your beloved have gone through as you face challenges together. You hope that they will remain your ally until the very last battle in your lives. Lucky numbers: 3 & 14

GEMINI Avoid making hasty decisions. Whatever you say, they will follow, even if it hurts them. Remember that regret often comes too late. Lucky numbers: 26 & 30

CANCER Your heart will be uplifted today because you’ll have the opportunity to chat with the person you love. Even if they don’t know you love them, you’re happy with moments like these. Lucky numbers: 18 & 28

LEO You can’t help but feel jealous due to the excessive attention your partner is giving to someone you both consider a friend. It’s starting to feel like they’re too special to your spouse, and it’s getting out of hand. Lucky numbers: 46 & 48

VIRGO You can’t deny your admiration for them. But that doesn’t mean you should lower yourself just to make them like you. Your dignity is still yours, and you won’t let it go. Lucky numbers: 17 & 20

LIBRA Your love for them is unconditional, so they freely do whatever they want, even if they know it will hurt you. They don’t consider your feelings, so it’s time to lower your expectations. Lucky numbers: 56 & 67

SCORPIO You may not fully understand what your partner is going through and feeling because you’re focused on your parents. Don’t forget that your spouse also has rights and they should be respected. Lucky numbers: 11 & 22

SAGITTARIUS Memories will keep coming back, and don’t expect to forget them if you keep giving yourself time to remember them at every opportunity. Lucky numbers: 16 & 18

CAPRICORN You know what to do to lighten your beloved’s mood. Their happiness is easily attainable, so you won’t have a hard time. You just need to listen to your heart. Lucky numbers: 42 & 53

AQUARIUS Your indecision may make you lose out to others. You’ll be surprised to wake up to the truth that you’re no longer the apple of their eye. This is also due to your slowness and stubbornness. Lucky numbers: 27 & 28

PISCES You won’t make things difficult for yourself anymore. You know that no matter what happens, they won’t choose you because of your situation. So, you’ll make a decision now and start to forget them. Lucky numbers: 62 & 69

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