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Love Horoscope October 21, 2023

ARIES No matter what distractions you engage in, the pain from your romantic disappointment will linger. You’ll keep thinking about them and asking yourself where you went wrong and what you lacked. Lucky numbers: 7 & 12

TAURUS You can handle any problem, no matter how heavy it may be, as long as the person who inspires you is by your side. It seems like there’s no problem you can’t overcome when they’re with you. Lucky numbers: 23 & 32

GEMINI There’s still much you need to learn about your partner. But for now, you only see their good qualities, so you don’t care about what others say. Lucky numbers: 54 & 60

CANCER You’ll be more cautious in your relationship after recent unpleasant events. You believe that you’ll need to think about some important matters regarding your relationship. Lucky numbers: 1 & 2

LEO Gossiping people won’t bring you any benefit. They’ll only disrupt your good relationship with your spouse, so you should be careful about every step you take. Lucky numbers: 78 & 81

VIRGO You need to prepare for an important occasion for your partner. Even though you’re facing difficulties, you can still come up with ideas on how to make it a happy event. Lucky numbers: 14 & 15

LIBRA You’re already full of frustration, not understanding what they want and what you want for yourself. You’ll reach a breaking point and react to hurtful words thrown at you. Lucky numbers: 30 & 40

SCORPIO Despite your efforts to calm your partner in their current stressful situation, they will remain stressed and anxious. So, you’ll think of ways to ease their mind. Lucky numbers: 12 & 24

SAGITTARIUS You don’t need to do much to let your partner know that you believe in what they say and support what they do. You don’t need to think of any other way to help. Lucky numbers: 5 & 15

CAPRICORN You’ll realize your mistakes a bit late. You’ll need to think about what you can do to make amends with your partner. Consider carefully the effort you’ll put in. Lucky numbers: 13 & 28

AQUARIUS You and the person who’s been making your heart race will make a great team today. You have chemistry not just at work but also in your personal lives. It’s a good day for both of you. Lucky numbers: 35 & 46

PISCES The discussion you’ve been trying to avoid for a few days will be inevitable today. Both of you won’t be able to hold back your opinions on an issue. Lucky numbers: 25 & 28

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