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Love Horoscope November 20, 2023

It will be heavy-hearted for you to ask your loved one to leave your house, but you have no choice but to do it. If you don’t, you know how much worse the situation between them and your parents can get. Lucky numbers: 10 & 20

TAURUS: Your loved one won’t tolerate it. Knowing that you’re upset, they won’t let the day pass without resolving the issue between you. Just wait because they will find a way to reconcile. Lucky numbers: 18 & 19

GEMINI: You’ve been through many trials, so what you’ll experience now will just be a breeze for you. But what you expect to be easily resolved may be the source of difficulty with your partner. Lucky numbers: 13 & 24

CANCER: Today, your relationship will be smooth sailing. No arguments. No stress. This is because both of you have things to do that you both enjoy, so you’ll really get along today. Lucky numbers: 7 & 15

LEO: You will have a new admirer today. Instead of being happy, you might get stressed because you know that others’ admiration for you could once again lead to a conflict with your current partner. Lucky numbers: 22 & 25

VIRGO: You won’t be bored today, even if you work overtime. This is because you’ll be with the person you secretly love throughout the day. So, your heart will leap for joy. Lucky numbers: 14 & 21

LIBRA: Even if you hide your problems, you can’t hide them from your loved one. They know your moves by heart, especially when you’re facing a serious issue, so it’s better if you just tell them. Lucky numbers: 57 & 68

SCORPIO: Even though you promised them and yourself to spend time with them, you still won’t be able to do it. You have new projects to handle, so that will be your focus. Lucky numbers: 39 & 47

SAGITTARIUS: What should be a joyful occasion for both of you in your relationship will turn into a misunderstanding. This is because someone you don’t want to see will arrive, triggering your jealousy. Lucky numbers: 40 & 42

CAPRICORN: You’re not the type to lock yourself in your room and brood when you’re heartbroken. You prefer to go out, have fun with friends, and entertain yourself until the disappointment fades from your mind. Lucky numbers: 9 & 18

AQUARIUS: You will feel intense jealousy because your partner’s ex will be working with them again. You don’t want this to happen, so you’ll think of ways to prevent it. Lucky numbers: 15 & 34

PISCES: You will feel delighted today as someone you secretly love will remember to show affection towards you. Even a simple greeting will make you happy, and you’ll carry this joy until you fall asleep. Lucky numbers: 63 & 67

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