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Love Horoscope November 15, 2023

ARIES: Compromise and understanding are what you want for the flow of your relationship. But with what’s happening, it seems like you’re the one always giving, and they just keep taking. You won’t feel the love anymore. Lucky numbers: 14 & 24

TAURUS: You have great trust in your loved one, and they know that too. However, this time, you won’t understand yourself as to why it feels like you’re being suspected of hiding something unpleasant. Lucky numbers: 56 & 68

GEMINI: Your partner finds your changing decisions irritating, especially when there’s an important matter you need to decide that will affect your family. They’ll find it challenging to understand you because of this. Lucky numbers: 19 & 20

CANCER: The favor your loved one has been asking for a long time, you can finally grant. So, in some way, you’ll be relieved that they won’t bother you about it anymore. Your feelings will also become comfortable. Lucky numbers: 6 & 17

LEO: You don’t have to worry about your partner who is far away. Their situation is better than you think. So, you can ease your mind and pay attention to other important things. Lucky numbers: 10 & 23

VIRGO: You will be saddened by what you’ll discover about the problem your loved one is facing right now. Although you don’t like the idea that they kept it from you, you’ll just let it be and help them find a solution. Lucky numbers: 50 & 60

LIBRA: Even though you have children, you still can’t accept that your spouse favors your in-laws more than your own family. So, you can’t avoid feeling upset. Lucky numbers: 54 & 69

SCORPIO: Painful as it may be, you know that you need to accept that you’re not really meant for each other because from the start of your relationship, you’ve faced nothing but problems. Lucky numbers: 18 & 19

SAGITTARIUS: You’re lucky because you have enough courage to avoid temptation. Due to this, your partner considers you extremely fortunate. Your love for them is pure and unparalleled. Lucky numbers: 15 & 21

CAPRICORN: You will now see the result of always giving in to your loved one’s whims. It’s not wrong to indulge them, but if you know it won’t be beneficial, you should think about it first. Lucky numbers: 42 & 67

AQUARIUS: You will be swept away by your emotions, and you will forget the person who truly loves you. This one moment of mistake will bring a lifetime of regret to you. Lucky numbers: 17 & 27

PISCES: Your jealousy is unfounded, and your suspicions have no truth. Your loved one will prove that to you now, bringing peace to your confused feelings. Lucky numbers: 25 & 32

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