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Love Horoscope February 3, 2024

ARIES: You’ll get hurt, but you won’t give up. You understand that fate can be playful, especially in love, and you’re ready to play and take risks for it. Right now, you’re preparing yourself for even more challenging situations. Lucky numbers: 11 & 20

TAURUS: Life goes on even if their perception of you has changed. This is because you know that many depend on you, so you can’t just stop and wallow in the disappointment of love. Lucky numbers: 17 & 18

GEMINI: You have nothing to say about the kindness and goodness your partner always shows you. So, you’ll just pray that they won’t change so you won’t experience disappointment again. Lucky numbers: 15 & 17

CANCER: Because you love them, you’ll be the one to adjust in your relationship for them. You want to give them everything they need, and you want them to be the one in control at all times. This won’t be good for your relationship. Lucky numbers: 28 & 32

LEO: You’re not the type to easily believe in your instincts, especially when it comes to love because you prefer to trust them. But today, you’ll realize that you also need to believe in your instincts from time to time. Lucky numbers: 23 & 34

VIRGO: They are still on your mind even if you’ve let go of them with unkind words. You will feel regret now and realize that you shouldn’t have said what you said. Lucky numbers: 22 & 27

LIBRA: You don’t believe in true love, but now you can say that you feel genuine happiness in the company of your loved one. And you won’t be bitter again like before. No one will tease you. Lucky numbers: 10 & 20

SCORPIO: For now, you’d rather choose to be single because you want to give your heart a break from a tiresome relationship. You’ll savor the freedom to do anything you want. Lucky numbers: 51 & 62

SAGITTARIUS: You don’t care about what others say. What matters to you now is you, them, and your relationship. Whoever gets hurt or stepped on, you’ll continue to fight for them no matter what. Lucky numbers: 45 & 54

CAPRICORN: During times when you were in distress and confused about your problems, they understood and helped you. Now that they are in an unfavorable situation, they won’t ask for your help; instead, they’d appreciate your understanding. Lucky numbers: 6 & 7

AQUARIUS: Because of everything you’ve been through, it will be hard for you to let them go. You’d rather choose to distance yourself temporarily and think of the right solution than just let them go easily. Lucky numbers: 15 & 16

PISCES: The Moon in Scorpio highlights your hidden desires and transformative potential. This is a powerful time for introspection and uncovering what truly motivates you. Be honest with yourself, but avoid dwelling on negativity. Channel your energy into creative pursuits or personal growth activities. Lucky numbers: 15 & 17

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