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Love Horoscope December 20, 2023

ARIES You, more than anyone else, should be the first to understand your partner, especially in their current situation. By doing so, they will appreciate you even more and love you deeply. Lucky numbers: 15 & 16

TAURUS Don’t play the martyr—why endure in a relationship that adds no value? Strengthen your resolve, stand on your own feet, and value yourself more than your worthless relationship. Lucky numbers: 8 & 17

GEMINI Insisting on a directionless relationship will only bring harm. It’s better to give yourself time to think than to persist in a love that leads nowhere. Lucky numbers: 1 & 3

CANCER Even if you don’t explicitly express your feelings, he/she will still perceive your love as genuine. The feeling that you love him/her deeply and that your relationship is smooth sailing, even if it’s not as crucial to you, matters to them. Lucky numbers: 9 & 12

LEO You don’t care if you stay single for life. Your career is more important to you, even though many urge you to find a partner as you’re falling behind. It holds no value for you. Lucky numbers: 30 & 40

VIRGO You can’t contain your emotions any longer. Filled to the brim with dissatisfaction in your relationship, you’re about to reveal all your grievances from the beginning until now. Lucky numbers: 58 & 67

LIBRA Your efforts to bring joy to your loved one are in vain because he/she won’t notice. In the heat of their anger due to work, they’d rather be alone to think. Lucky numbers: 6 & 12

SCORPIO You’ll be the first to humble yourself between the two of you. You can’t stand not seeing or talking to them, unlike what they usually do. Lucky numbers: 35 & 41

SAGITTARIUS Your love for them won’t wane just because of a simple misunderstanding. You plan to reconcile, but you prioritize more important things like your job. Lucky numbers: 46 & 59

CAPRICORN Regardless of what happens, you have no intention of letting go of your relationship. Despite advice to move on, you’ll remain in love, hoping that both of you will be happy eventually. Lucky numbers: 62 & 78

AQUARIUS You can’t fully give yourself to your new relationship because the memory of your ex still lingers in your mind. Your past love still brings you happiness that you can’t find in someone new. Lucky numbers: 69 & 76

PISCES A new love is destined to come your way today. However, you may not notice it as your attention is focused on other things. You have no plans to pay attention to your love life again. Lucky numbers: 14 & 25

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