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Love Horoscope December 19, 2023

ARIES Even though you’re currently apart, you still hold onto the hope that your relationship will come back together and be okay again. You have no plans of giving up and expect that you’ll be together again. Lucky numbers: 8-9

TAURUS Even though you know you shouldn’t think about or check up on them, you still do. Even if you seem desperate in love, you don’t care anymore. Lucky numbers: 30-36

GEMINI The temptation that has been lurking around you for a long time seems unavoidable now. Unfortunately, you might be the one approaching temptation, even though you know your relationship is at stake. Lucky numbers: 11 & 17

CANCER It’s time to move on; they won’t be coming back. No matter how much you plead and beg, it’s unlikely to happen. They’re happy with someone else, so it’s time for you to move on. Lucky numbers: 20 & 30

LEO Now that you’re determined not to lose them, you’re ready to fight for what’s yours. You won’t allow someone else to take away your love, no matter what happens. Lucky numbers: 24 & 28

VIRGO Even though your partner is stubborn, and you can’t bring yourself to leave them, your love for them is so great that you’re willing to endure. Lucky numbers: 32 & 34

LIBRA Today will be filled with sweet moments. Your love for each other will strengthen even more. Despite the challenges that may come, you know you can face them together. Lucky numbers: 16 & 21

SCORPIO You will now feel your partner’s lack of interest in you. You know this day will come, partly because of your ancestry. Lucky numbers: 18 & 23

SAGITTARIUS Despite your beauty, strong charisma, intelligence, and other special qualities, you still can’t capture their attention. They are currently focused on their own pursuits. Lucky numbers: 17 & 23

CAPRICORN With so many people meddling in your problems, it seems to be getting worse. This is also due to the influence of others’ suggestions. Lucky numbers: 15 & 16

AQUARIUS You won’t resort to drama to get your partner to fulfill your wishes. If they grant them, it’s because they want to, not just because they’re forced by your drama. Lucky numbers: 33 & 37

PISCES Because of a mistake you made, it seems challenging to face your partner now. But you also know that you need to talk to them about it. Lucky numbers: 12 & 20

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