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Love Horoscope December 14, 2023

ARIES You feel it intensely, but his mouth remains sealed about his true feelings for you. Yet, you have no choice but to wait. Lucky numbers: 49 & 51

TAURUS You declined before, but your mind will change now about what you and your loved one talked about. You know you should set him free first. Lucky numbers: 24 & 25

GEMINI Your heart will remain in limbo due to your continued suppression of your feelings. You don’t want to get hurt again in the end, so you’re afraid to try loving someone, especially if you don’t know them well enough. Lucky numbers: 34 & 45

CANCER You’ll need to lengthen your patience and understanding for your loved one. Understanding him will be more difficult now that he’s going through something heavy and often seems bored. Lucky numbers: 15 & 27

LEO You’ll find it hard to explain to your loved one your acceptance of a project that will temporarily keep you apart. Especially since your ex is still there. Lucky numbers: 50 & 60

VIRGO You won’t regret the day you decided to join him because now he will show and make you feel the true meaning of the word love to the best of his ability. Lucky numbers: 34 & 38

LIBRA It’s in your hands now, but you let it go. Only now will you realize that love is comparable to luck that only comes to your palm once, and you shouldn’t disregard it. Lucky numbers: 25 & 27

SCORPIO Hard as it may be to accept, your relationship has truly come to an end. You no longer have the opportunity to correct your mistakes and fill in your shortcomings. Lucky numbers: 16 & 25

SAGITTARIUS Despite what others may say, you’re still happy with him. Just like before, you still wouldn’t trade him for any amount of money because your happiness with him is priceless to you. Lucky numbers: 33 & 39

CAPRICORN Despite the difficulty you’re experiencing with him, you will still remain by his side. You don’t want your family to break apart. This is the only thing you hold on to that can save your relationship. Lucky numbers: 63 & 73

AQUARIUS Your impulsive decision-making can hurt your loved one’s feelings. Whether intentional or not, you’ll need to make amends for it to ensure your relationship is okay. Lucky numbers: 56 & 67

PISCES After the many ups and downs you’ve been through, in the end, it will still be the two of you. So, you’ll just cry tears of joy that he’s still the one given to you by heaven despite everything. Lucky numbers: 36 & 57

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