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Chinese Horoscope (ENG) November 7, 2023

RAT Your love life will become colder for several reasons. Aside from your extreme busyness with work, someone will attempt to intrude into your relationship, so you shouldn’t disregard it.

Lucky numbers: 24, 30, 36, 49

OX If there is anyone who should be more concerned about your family’s financial well-being, it’s you. They rely solely on you, and they depend on your strength, so you have no choice but to continue your efforts for them.

Lucky numbers: 6, 12, 20, 31

TIGER It’s not wrong to help others, especially if you have the capability. But if you’re in a tight situation, you should prioritize your family’s welfare above all else because they will be your support in times of need.

Lucky numbers: 1, 2, 5, 6

RABBIT Avoid spending on things you don’t need right now. You’ll experience excessive financial hardship due to your impulsive buying, so you need to learn to control yourself.

Lucky numbers: 13, 18, 23, 27

DRAGON Avoid getting involved in discussions that don’t concern you. Criticizing someone won’t help you; it will only create trouble. You should know where to position yourself.

Lucky numbers: 15, 30, 48, 50

SNAKE Someone will approach you to borrow money. But pay more attention to the news they bring. It will ease your mind, so you’ll be comfortable lending them money.

Lucky numbers: 38, 50, 56, 62

HORSE A new idea will spark in your mind for your work. So, this day will shine for you. Your superiors will admire you, and it’s possible that you’ll get promoted to the position you desire.

Lucky numbers: 14, 15, 25, 26

SHEEP Avoid engaging with people you don’t know online for now. There’s a high possibility that you’ll be deceived when entering a transaction related to a business you haven’t tried yet.

Lucky numbers: 30, 43, 55, 67

MONKEY Someone will pretend to be concerned about you. You’ll believe them because of their kindness. Be cautious because they have other intentions besides wanting to get closer to you. It can harm you if you’re not careful.

Lucky numbers: 1, 21, 29, 30

ROOSTER This day will be bright for you. People who visit you will bring good news. Their positive vibes will create a positive atmosphere around you, so just enjoy the day with them.

Lucky numbers: 12, 32, 36, 40

DOG What others say about your abilities will affect you. This will also impact your work. Someone will approach you to boost your confidence and restore your self-esteem.

Lucky numbers: 7, 9, 16, 18

PIG Constantly criticizing the mistakes of your spouse’s relatives won’t help your relationship. If you want to get along, you’ll need to change your approach to dealing with them.

Lucky numbers: 63, 66, 70, 78

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