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The Power of the Bato Omo (Omo Rock)

Also known as the Patience Gem, Cave Gem, or White Pearl, the Omo Bato can be likened to a white pearl. It is incredibly hard, impervious to being crushed even with the use of a hammer, mallet, or pestle.

The Omo Bato is typically found in unexpected places. According to legend, a mystical church in Mindoro is said to have yielded an Omo Bato that mysteriously emerged. It is commonly used as a countermeasure against hexes, curses, enchantments, and various forms of black magic. It is also employed as protection against malevolent spirits and elements in the surroundings.

Aside from its defensive properties, the OMO BATO is utilized as a form of protection. Anyone who owns it is immune to sharp objects like knives and even bullets.

The Omo Bato can also be soaked in water overnight. The water it is soaked in becomes drinkable and is believed to have health benefits.

Additionally, the Omo Bato is used for healing purposes. It is simply rubbed on the body, and it is believed to trace the part of the body with ailments or discomfort.

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