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Sigil Magic

Sigil is one of the most common types of magic we encounter in modern times. Sigil Magic is a form of art or craft that utilizes symbols and imagery to achieve a specific intent or outcome. The figures seen in Sigil are filled with magic from the person who created it, in accordance with the thing or intention they want to happen.

To better understand how the power of Sigil works, I will use the brand logos of well-known companies and establishments as examples. The smiling face of a bee in the Jollibee logo is a great example of the power of a Sigil. The moment you see the Jollibee logo, the first thing that comes to mind is hamburgers, spaghetti, french fries, and soft drinks. You feel hungry and tempted. This is the effect of Sigil magic. It affects not only physiologically but also psychologically.

Sigil is a neutral magic. This means it’s neither black nor white magic. It’s like the devices you use for their intended purposes.

We can all create our own Sigil, depending on our intention or desire to manifest. Here are the steps to consider when creating your own Sigil:

  1. Make sure of the thing you want to manifest or happen. Be very specific in your intention. Write your desire in a simple sentence or phrase in a passionate or fervent form. If you want to attract luck, you can write, “I WILL BE RICH!” or “I WILL HAVE MONEY!”.
  2. Translate your intention into symbols. You can look into astrology books for equivalent shapes or geometries of the thing you want to happen. If you want to become wealthy and rich, you can draw a circle because it symbolizes wealth or abundance.
  3. Remove all vowels or from your sentence or phrase, and then scramble the letters to form a word. In “I WILL BE RICH!”, if you remove all vowels, the remaining letters are “WLL B RCH”. Scramble the remaining letters as you wish. At first glance, the resulting word may seem meaningless, but this will serve as a “barcode”. Like a product, only you have the ability to scan the code on the price tag. This is the mystery of Sigil.
  4. Conceptualize your Sigil. Be creative in creating your Sigil. There are no rules here. Imagination is the limit. You can draw various geometric shapes associated with the thing you want to happen. If your intention is to become rich and have money, you can add to the Sigil design the Peso or Dollar Sign, Clover Leaf, and other wealth symbols. Looking into astrology books can help you get more ideas for drawings to add to your sigil.
  5. Determine the materials to be used for drawing the Sigil. The materials used play a big role in bringing your Sigil to life or charging it. There are different mediums to be used in Sigil, depending on your intention and the way you want to bring it to life.

After drawing and bringing your Sigil to life, forget about it. Don’t think about the Sigil you made. If you keep thinking about the Sigil you made, it will only be confined to your mind and subconscious or your intention. However, if you release it from your mind, the universe will fulfill your wish by giving energy to make it happen.

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