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Explore the importance of a name

Every newborn is given a name as their identity. Parents invest time in carefully choosing the name for their child. Typically, names are derived from famous individuals, saints, or drawn from the family tree. Others are intentionally given unique and distinct names.

However, in the spiritual realm, the name you carry is related to your destiny and future. If likened to a product, your name is your “trademark” and “barcode” that dictates your identity in this world and the destiny you will pursue. The mystery and power of the name you use have a corresponding frequency in another dimension. It’s like a password to your motherboard. Therefore, if the name given to you does not align with your natural design or “piece,” you won’t unlock the full and maximum potential of your vibration and frequency.

If you feel that luck is elusive in transactions, friendships, and other aspects of life, you may try changing your name. This doesn’t necessarily mean filing a petition in court to change your legal name. Simply changing the name you go by can make a significant difference. For example, if your real name is Jeremy, and you feel unlucky with this name, let your acquaintances know to call you by a name you feel more aligned with.

Even your signature plays a role in your progress in life. Avoid signing with a split in the middle, as it symbolizes a suicidal tendency and bankruptcy. Your signature strokes should always be upward and not downward. Make sure your signature strokes are also rounded to represent infinity and boundless abundance in life.

In this way, you can influence the frequency in another dimension to alter or change your fate to some extent in the three-dimensional world you navigate.

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