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Evidence of a Parallel Universe Discovered by NASA! Is It Possible That We Have a Counterpart in Another Universe?

The discovery of evidence supporting the theory of a parallel universe surprised scientists, especially science enthusiasts. It all began with a report released by New Scientist in 2016, discussing the alleged detection by the Antarctic Impulsive Transient Antenna (ANITA) of neutrinos originating from the ice of Antarctica, rather than from space. ANITA consists of a series of antennas attached to a giant balloon flying above Antarctica.

After four years of in-depth research on this phenomenon, another neutrino observatory in Antarctica, operated by the University of Wisconsin—IceCube—released a theory in January that explains the peculiar signal picked up by ANITA in 2016.

According to IceCube, it is time to categorize this signal as “exotic physics” due to the failure of our standard model of physics to justify “reversed neutrinos.”

IceCube further added that with the acceptance of “exotic physics,” it is also time to take more seriously another mystery associated with it—the parallel universe or mirror universe.

In the case of reverse neutrinos, time in the parallel universe may be running backward, like the reflection in a mirror!

Therefore, any event happening on Earth and to all beings here is also happening in the mirror universe, but with reversed flow or occurrence.

Due to the lack of conclusions about reversed neutrinos according to our standard model of physics, the possibility of other theories beyond our physics foundation is substantial!

And once the mystery behind this is unraveled, it becomes easier to explain other concepts within exotic physics such as dark matter, black holes, and the parallel universe. Even the existence of other dimensions where spirits and souls reside—or beyond!

Do you think this might also alter the concept of religion?

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