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Valentine’s Day is Near: Write a Love Letter

Believe it or not, the most effective way to get your crush to respond is by sending them a love letter. That’s why you have a significant advantage if you’re a poet or a skilled writer. I’m sure it won’t take more than a few months, and you’ll have your answer.

Why is it so easy to make a girl fall in love through writing? You have no idea. Well, in this article, I will strongly emphasize the reasons why love letters are the most powerful weapon in wooing someone.

Firstly, you showcase your talent and ability. Let me tell you, guys melt a woman’s heart when they know how to write. It’s like you’re caressing her heart with every word. So, she’ll always smile whenever she reads it, and you can be sure she’ll be overwhelmed with joy.

Secondly, you genuinely show your effort. When you present a girl with a poem or a story, it surely makes her giddy. She’ll think you’re not wasting your time just for the heck of it. Of course, there’s a profound reason, and that reason is your love.

Thirdly, women appreciate something that’s been worked for. Sure, it’s nice to receive roses and chocolates, but when the flowers wither and the chocolate is gone, you might fade from her memory. Whereas, if you craft a love letter, she’ll treasure it for years to come.

So, are you ready to start writing love letters?

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