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How to Forgive, Even When it Seems Impossible

For you, what is forgiveness? Is it easy to forgive or is it very difficult?

Forgiveness is something we do despite the bitterness caused by one or many people. We cannot deny that it is difficult to do, especially when we remember what was done to us. But even though it is very hard, we need to learn to forgive because it is a form of unconditional love.

How do you forgive someone who has hurt you?

  1. Do not expect perfection from the world.

You will really be disappointed in people if perfection is what you look for. No one is perfect. You need to understand that anyone can hurt you, even if they are very good in other aspects of life. Even your closest friend can hurt you unintentionally. Have a heart and understand that no matter what happens, someone will make mistakes and hurt you. When you understand this, your understanding of people will broaden.

  1. Remember that forgiveness means letting go.

In forgiveness, you are not agreeing with the wrong that was done to you, but you are surrendering the bitterness to God. When you let go of anger and sadness towards the person who hurt you, you will also learn not to hurt other people. When you forgive, you are also allowing the Lord to forgive you for your sins.

  1. Express your feelings to the person who hurt you.

It is not right to pretend that the offense never happened. In Samuel 12:9-13, God forgave King David for a serious sin, but He did not spare David from the consequences of his actions. In fact, God mentioned David’s sins so that they would be remembered even now.

Do not put the person who hurt you in a situation where they do not understand what is happening. Communication is the answer to any problem. They may know they did something wrong, but it is different when it comes from you. If you do not express your feelings, they might think that you are okay, even if you are not. Do not assume. They cannot ask for forgiveness if they do not know that you are carrying something.

  1. Pray for them.

As the Bible says in Luke 11:4, “Forgive us our sins, fas we forgive those who sin against us.” This means that all of us have shortcomings, and we cannot avoid sinning. All of us have done, said, or thought something that hurt others and the Lord. But He forgave us. When you realize this, you will learn to forgive.

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