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Courageous Boyfriend vs. Abusive Boyfriend: Know the Difference

There is a vast difference between a courageous and an abusive boyfriend. Sometimes, they may seem like one and the same, but you need to understand the distinction. Read on!

When you’re truly in love, you often turn a blind eye to harsh realities. In abusive relationships, some women become accustomed to the mistreatment they receive from their boyfriends. It’s also surprising to know that some actively seek such abuse from their partners. If you’re unsure about when to draw the line or end a relationship, read this article to see the difference between a courageous and an abusive boyfriend.

  1. Scenario: You’re running late for your date.

Courageous Boyfriend: He’ll inquire about your journey and be genuinely happy that you’re finally together. He’ll let you take a breather before talking to you. He’ll also listen to why you were late. A courageous boyfriend is protective of his girlfriend and won’t allow her to feel weak or threatened.

Abusive Boyfriend: He’ll get angry because he’s been waiting for a long time at the restaurant where you were supposed to meet. He’ll feel that his time has been wasted waiting for you instead of doing something else. He won’t check up on you or be understanding of your reasons for being late.

  1. Scenario: You come home and tell him you got promoted at work.

Courageous Boyfriend: He’ll be overjoyed and hug you tightly because he’s extremely proud of you. He’ll say that you should celebrate no matter what. He’ll also pray with you to express gratitude for the blessings you both receive.

Abusive Boyfriend: He’ll become envious because he has been working for a long time without a promotion in his office. He’ll be jealous of your promotion because he didn’t expect it to happen to you.

  1. Scenario: You tell him that you need some time alone to prepare for a job.

Courageous Boyfriend: He’ll respect your request and tell you that he’ll miss you. He’ll assure you that he’s available whenever you need to talk.

Abusive Boyfriend: He’ll get irritated because he feels that you don’t have time for him. He’ll suspect that you’re cheating on him and talking to someone else. He’ll have a lot to say because he’s jealous.

  1. Scenario: You’re going out of town for a work trip.

Courageous Boyfriend: He’ll be excited for you because he knows you love to travel for work. He’ll give you the items you need to bring and pack some snacks for you. He’ll tell you that he’ll miss you and wants to talk every night.

Abusive Boyfriend: He’ll get angry because he doesn’t really support your job. He wants you two to always be together. He won’t provide you with anything because he’s too sad and angry that you’re leaving for a few days, even if it’s for work. He’ll also suspect that you’re cheating on him.

  1. Scenario: You have a new hobby.

Courageous Boyfriend: He’ll be extremely supportive even if it’s not a hobby of his. He’ll try to engage in your hobby because he wants to do new things together with you.

Abusive Boyfriend: He won’t support you because he believes you should only share his hobbies. He doesn’t want to try new things because he’s not comfortable with change.

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