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8 Reasons to Never Rush Marriage

If you see your friends getting married and starting to build their families while you’re still single or maybe you have a boyfriend but haven’t discussed marriage yet, you might feel a twinge in your heart that’s hard to explain. Keep reading.

Sometimes, during family reunions, the pressure mounts with all the questions from your aunts and uncles about your life status. Well, first of all, you shouldn’t succumb to that pressure. Read this article to see why you shouldn’t rush into marriage.

  1. Focus on your career first. You won’t regret focusing on your career. When you grow older, if you’ve only focused on relationships, you won’t appreciate the value of the foundation you laid in your education, so go ahead and reach for your dreams!
  1. A man shouldn’t complete you. Find comfort in your individuality; don’t think of yourself as a puzzle needing puzzle pieces.
  1. Age doesn’t determine marriage readiness. If you’re in your late 20s and still unmarried, you shouldn’t feel pressured because maturity doesn’t necessarily correlate with age. You could be nearing 30 and still immature. Work on your maturity before deciding to get married.
  1. Let God decide for you. Let God make plans for your life. If you take the lead, you might mess up God’s plans for you. Let Him, and you’ll surely find happiness in the end.
  1. Grow as a couple first with your boyfriend. If you have a boyfriend, remember that when you get married, life won’t suddenly turn into a fairytale. It’s pretty much the same, so you should work out your differences and grow as a couple first.
  1. Love yourself first. If you don’t love yourself, you won’t learn to love others.
  1. Be financially ready. If you’re already starting to borrow money just to experience marriage, then you’re starting on the wrong foot. Save up so you won’t drown in debt in this new chapter of your life.
  1. Making God the center of your life God should be number one, always remember that.

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