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6 Signs You May Be in a Rebound Relationship

As you grow older, you learn more about uncertain relationships. It could take years and many relationships before you can distinguish an uncertain kind of undefined relationship, but through these, you also learn how to love unconditionally. However, there are relationships that you still may not understand. Read on.

In a vague relationship, you genuinely want to know where you stand with that person, whether it’s a long-term commitment or a short fling. The truth is, you don’t want to waste your time on someone who’s just playing with your heart. But sometimes your intuition is right, yet to be surer, read these signs to find out if you’re just a temporary fix for someone.

There are times when they’re affectionate, but there are also times when they’re distant from you.

In times of emotional need, it’s as if they can’t live without you. But when everything is okay, it’s like they don’t even notice you, and they can’t be bothered to focus on you. Eventually, you’ll realize that being around them feels draining.

They’re so in love with you that it doesn’t seem normal.

They treat you as if you’re their savior. You also feel like you need to take care of them excessively because they’re a highly sensitive person. Do you really need that kind of intensity, or does it seem like that intensity isn’t for you?

They’ve just come from a previous relationship.

Of course, not everyone who’s coming from a relationship isn’t ready for a new love, as there are instances where the love was gone long before the breakup. However, for safety and assurance, it’s essential that a person is single before jumping into a new relationship.

Their previous relationship was serious.

If this is the situation, you need to think because the memories of a person from a serious relationship don’t fade away immediately. You need to give their heart some time to heal before forcing yourself into their life.

They frequently mention their ex.

In every conversation you have, you’ll notice that they always manage to insert a story about their ex.

They have high expectations for your relationship.

You’ll feel like they’re always measuring your worth. It’s as if one mistake will lead to an immediate breakup. It means they’re quite insecure about themselves and the people around them.

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