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What Is Christ—Is He a Man or God?

This was the topic of our conversation when I accidentally met an old acquaintance. He is a member of a large religious organization or sect that believes Christ is just a regular person.

We had a lengthy discussion, and our conversation eventually revolved around religion. He invited me to attend one of their gatherings.

There, I asked about the foundation of their beliefs. According to him, Christ is not God but merely a human who founded the Church. I am open-minded about various religious beliefs and respect the traditions and beliefs of all. However, what I didn’t like about my acquaintance was the way he expressed his beliefs. You can explain your religious beliefs, but going as far as demeaning other sects and trampling on the beliefs of others is another matter. Disrespecting the religious beliefs of others is a significant mistake.

So, for the sake of argument, I explained why other religions believe that Christ is God and not just a human.

I showed him the bag I had with me and asked him what I was holding. He replied, “It’s a bag” and mentioned the brand. Then I showed him the belt I was wearing and asked what it was. He said it was a belt and had the same brand as my bag. I asked him what the difference was between the two things I showed him. He said the first thing I showed was a bag, and the next was a belt. Then I asked him about the brand of the things I showed him. He said they both had the same brand. Therefore, the bag and belt are the same brand. Despite being different in form and function, they share the same brand. Just because I can’t wear my bag around my waist doesn’t mean it’s not the same brand. Similarly, just because I can’t carry items with my belt doesn’t mean it’s not the same brand. The point is that the bag and belt have the same brand, even though they serve different purposes.

THE SAME APPLIES TO CHRIST. Yes, He became a human, but that doesn’t mean His divinity diminished.

The Holy Spirit used a human to bear and take on the flesh of a “God.” However, this doesn’t mean that Christ’s divinity was diminished just because He became human. He assumed the flesh of a mortal to live on this planet. He needed a physical body to adapt to the physical realm of humans who require oxygen, food, and drink. But what was inside the flesh or physical body is still none other than God. Christ remains God in a different state!

After my explanation, my friend didn’t mention his invitation for me to attend their gathering anymore.

The universe is truly mysterious. In reality, there are many theories about God. Some theories suggest that God is extraterrestrial beings from distant galaxies who once visited Earth. Others say that God is merely a product of human imagination, sought for support and help in times of need.

For me, it doesn’t matter what your view of God is. I am a Catholic, and I respect the traditions and beliefs I grew up with. But I have my own perspective on God. For me, it doesn’t matter who or what He is. What’s more important is your personal relationship with Him. Whatever you call Him, however you show respect and reverence to Him, what matters is that you believe in your heart that there is a powerful force in the universe. Most importantly, you should do what’s right for your fellow human beings. In the end, your religion won’t define your character. It’s your actions that count. You may attend mass, join Bible studies, and engage in various religious activities, but if hurtful words come out of your mouth, if you belittle and trample on others, your religious devotion is in vain.

So, my point is, LEARN TO RESPECT THE BELIEFS OF OTHERS. None of us has the right to judge the views of others regarding religion. Because belief in God is a PERSONAL MATTER. As they say, God resides in our hearts.

  • rey ang

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