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Love Horoscope October 31, 2023


They are your life and love, so you’ll follow their wishes with all your heart. But today, you’ll realize that you can’t grant everything they desire.

Lucky numbers: 19 & 23


Even though you’re with someone else now, you can’t help but think about the person you used to love. This is because of the memories you’ve shared, and you still have feelings for them.

Lucky numbers: 58 & 69


Even though you’ve made a decision and chosen them, you can’t shake off the “what ifs” about the other person you didn’t choose. You still feel that your decision isn’t entirely settled, and it’s like something is missing.

Lucky numbers: 56 & 65


Even if you’re seething with anger, there’s nothing you can do. You can’t change your partner’s mind. They’ll still take that job where they’ll be working with their ex.

Lucky numbers: 7 & 8


No matter how difficult your loved one’s attitude may be, it won’t change your love for them. You’re willing to understand them even when your own relatives can’t.

Lucky numbers: 20 & 31


You’re willing to quit your job for the person you deeply love, even if it means financial hardship. It’s to stop their baseless jealousy of your coworkers.

Lucky numbers: 49 & 56


You know you need to forget them, but you still won’t do it, so you’ll continue to get hurt. Today, you’ll receive hurtful words from the people around you because of your stubbornness.

Lucky numbers: 10 & 14


No matter how busy you are with work now, you can’t get the unsolved love problem out of your mind. So, you’ll remain distracted and unable to focus on your job.

Lucky numbers: 35 & 40


You’re excited about your loved one’s upcoming return because you want to show them your surprises, related to the money you’ve saved from their earnings.

Lucky numbers: 15 & 22


Despite your previous irritation with their quirks and lack of attention, now that they’re not around, you can’t help but seek their presence. Even if you won’t admit it to yourself, you have feelings for them.

Lucky numbers: 11 & 17


You may not understand your own feelings for your partner right now, but you won’t do anything that you know will hurt them. You’ll stay by their side, even if it doesn’t make you happy.

Lucky numbers: 29 & 30


You’ll feel your partner’s cooling off, but you won’t pay it any mind. You don’t want to even consider the possible reasons. You can’t bear to lose them, so you’ll continue to be understanding.

Lucky numbers: 38 & 54

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