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Love Horoscope October 23, 2023

ARIES The day won’t be in agreement with your relationship today. Even the smallest things will be a point of contention for the two of you. So, it’s better for you to avoid each other for now to prevent the problems from worsening. Lucky numbers: 44 & 66

TAURUS There’s still hope that they’ll notice you. Even though you think they have no interest in you, the truth is they’re just looking for the right moment. Lucky numbers: 6 & 9

GEMINI Other people’s opinions don’t matter to you. You don’t care about what they say. What matters to you are your feelings and the happiness between the two of you. Lucky numbers: 14 & 23

CANCER Even though you may be feeling discouraged due to a series of problems, you can’t afford to be disheartened. You are the strength of your spouse and family. Lucky numbers: 1 & 5

LEO Your sadness will be replaced with happiness today. Their presence will chase away your sorrows. Lucky numbers: 48 & 64

VIRGO Fear and doubt will dominate your heart and mind today. You trust them, but you also know that they’re only human and might be tempted, especially when you’re apart. Lucky numbers: 13 & 15

LIBRA There are things and events in the past that are hard to forget. They don’t easily leave your mind, like your past love. But it’s not because you love them, it’s because of the pain they caused you. Lucky numbers: 50 & 65

SCORPIO The suffering you’ve endured in your relationship won’t be in vain. Your long-standing hardships will end due to the significant change you’ll see in them today. Lucky numbers: 3 & 4

SAGITTARIUS You will fail to make your partner admit something you’ve long suspected. Your initial plan won’t work, so you’ll need to think of a different approach. Lucky numbers: 30 & 39

CAPRICORN No matter how much your friends try, they won’t make you disclose the true state of your love life. For you, you’d rather keep your relationship private for both of you to have peace. Lucky numbers: 8 & 19

AQUARIUS You won’t have a hard time getting along with your in-laws; they are kind and understanding. This will bring you peace, especially with your spouse who has great trust in you. Lucky numbers: 10 & 15

PISCES Just like before, you’ll be the one making sacrifices for the sake of your relationship today. And just like before, they won’t hear any complaints from you. Your lips will remain sealed. Lucky numbers: 26 & 28

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