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Love Horoscope October 18, 2023

ARIES Even if you end up following their lead and appear foolish to others, you don’t care; you love them, and you’re ready to stand by them. Lucky numbers: 13 & 19

TAURUS There’s nothing else you want to do today but bring joy to your current partner. However, it seems that you’re the one not feeling a huge amount of happiness. Lucky numbers: 40 & 60

GEMINI You’re still filled with doubts about letting go of your loved one, even though you know it’s something you should do. It feels like you can’t bear to lose them. Lucky numbers: 35 & 39

CANCER You know you need to let go of them, even if it’s going to be tough and painful for you. You sense that they no longer love you and are happy with someone else. Lucky numbers: 13 & 23

LEO You’ll take a temporary break from the problems and arguments in your relationship because you’ve chosen to distance yourself for a while to think about what to do in your turbulent relationship. Lucky numbers: 44 & 57

VIRGO The joy of your togetherness will return thanks to an angel entering your life; he or she will strengthen your relationship. Lucky numbers: 5 & 6

LIBRA Due to the infrequency of your meetings with your loved one, you miss them excessively. And you can’t help but feel envious of happy couples who are together. Lucky numbers: 15 & 20

SCORPIO Confrontation between you and your partner may be inevitable today. This is because of an issue you’ve been arguing about for a while. Your frequent disagreements on this matter will be the trigger for arguments and misunderstandings, so you should resolve it soon. Lucky numbers: 6 & 17

SAGITTARIUS A new love will knock on the door of your heart today, but you’re ignoring matters of love right now; you want to avoid the headache. Lucky numbers: 14 & 20

CAPRICORN Due to your insecurities, a misunderstanding will arise in your relationship. Unwarranted jealousy will cause your disagreement. Lucky numbers: 8 & 18

AQUARIUS Even if you say you’ve moved on, your actions and words still reveal that you still love them. Regardless of what you think you know, you’re aware of the truth. Lucky numbers: 30 & 45

PISCES Due to your lack of time for them, expect significant changes in your relationship. You should address it promptly. Lucky numbers: 12 & 22

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