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Love Horoscope October 17, 2023

ARIES You’ll agree to it without hesitation because of your surprise. You have many things to consider, but at this moment, you’re overcome by the fear of losing them, so your decision will be swift. Lucky numbers: 21 & 29

TAURUS You’ll come across someone you used to love on social media. You won’t be able to avoid reminiscing about your past, including the times you shed tears, which you’ll now look back on with a smile. Lucky numbers: 7 & 8

GEMINI Even if they now only see you as a friend, it won’t sink in your mind. You’re focused on your beautiful moments together, so you hardly notice their gradual distancing. Lucky numbers: 19 & 22

CANCER A persistent admirer will try to grab your attention. But no matter what they do, they won’t gain anything from you. You’re not into someone like them. You prefer people who are intelligent and have direction in life. Lucky numbers: 45 & 47

LEO You’re inclined to rely on promises. Even though you know the promises made to you lack sincerity, you continue to hold onto hope. This often results in pain and disappointment, yet you persist in your hope. Lucky numbers: 19 & 20

VIRGO Today isn’t the right day to reconnect with your past partner. But nothing can stop you, even the people close to you who genuinely care and try to advise against it. Lucky numbers: 10 & 13

LIBRA Arguments with your loved one will be frequent today. The slightest movement will lead to discussions. This is because both of you are stressed and have little control over your emotions. Lucky numbers: 8 & 9

SCORPIO Today is a great opportunity to talk with your partner about things you haven’t been able to discuss before. This includes topics related to your work colleagues. Lucky numbers: 14 & 16

SAGITTARIUS Today isn’t about keeping score of the family’s contributions. However, in your relationship, this will happen as you both face extreme financial difficulties. Blame games and scrutiny of mistakes will dominate. Lucky numbers: 40 & 44

CAPRICORN You’ll feel sad about your loved one being drawn to someone else. Instead of sulking, you’ll divert your attention to more productive matters to forget about them. Lucky numbers: 17 & 18

AQUARIUS You’ll be more affected by what your partner is doing. Their mistakes with others will reflect on you and your work. As a result, you’ll ask them for something you know they’ll find difficult to give you. Lucky numbers: 1 & 2

PISCES You’ll stay by your loved one’s side today, even though you have things to do outside. You’ll choose to be with them and be happy rather than playing outside with other people. Your day will be comfortable in their company. Lucky numbers: 25 & 27

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