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Love Horoscope October 16, 2023

ARIES Don’t take your quarrels with your loved one too seriously. When the situation cools down, it’s better to approach them and have a heart-to-heart conversation. (Lucky numbers: 10, 18)

TAURUS You may have many admirers, but in your heart, only one should possess it. Also, if you truly love, you should accept not just their good qualities, but their imperfections as well. It’s essential to accept them as a whole. (Lucky numbers: 3, 9)

GEMINI When you love, you need to support your loved one. You can’t be the one criticizing their decisions. If you’re the antagonist in their life, don’t expect to have a lifelong relationship. (Lucky Numbers: 12, 25, 29)

CANCER In every relationship, challenges are inevitable. You need to stand strong against the trials that your relationship may face. (Lucky Numbers: 6, 8)

LEO Strengthen your relationship as it will be the reason for your love to grow stronger. It’s also essential that you always get along. If there are problems, discuss them instead of fighting. (Lucky Numbers: 25, 31)

VIRGO Even if others reject you because they don’t understand you, continue to fight for your relationship even though you know many will be hurt. (Lucky Numbers: 14, 30, 33)

LIBRA Your partner will become sweeter to you. You should be happy, but you should also be cautious. Sometimes, when a partner becomes sweeter, it’s often because they’ve done something wrong. So, sharpen your intuition as well. (Lucky Numbers: 2, 18)

SCORPIO If you have a misunderstanding with your partner, it’s better to resolve it promptly. There’s no good that comes from sulking. It will only be a reason to damage your relationship. (Lucky Numbers: 7, 18)

SAGITTARIUS It may seem like your partner doesn’t value your feelings. Even when they know you’re struggling, it seems like they don’t feel it. (Lucky Numbers: 10, 23)

CAPRICORN If you’ve only just met them, but they can already make you happy, would you entrust your life to them? It’s better to get to know them properly first so you won’t regret it later. (Lucky Numbers: 5, 8)

AQUARIUS Just because you’ve been together for a long time doesn’t mean you should tell yourself they’re the one to choose, even if you know they’re no longer the one you love. Don’t deceive yourself. Be honest. Don’t let yourself be hurt repeatedly. (Lucky Numbers: 25, 33)

PISCES An old acquaintance will return to your life, and you won’t want to be far from them. But be careful; you might end up in tears again. (Lucky Numbers: 10, 12)

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