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Love Horoscope November 7, 2023

ARIES You thought everything was going well in your relationship, but suddenly, they stop communicating with you. You’ll find it difficult to reach them through any means, and you’ll be deeply worried about them and your relationship. Lucky numbers: 34 & 37

TAURUS Despite their pleasant demeanor, kindness, and affection, you can’t be sure if they truly love you. Until they express it to you, it’s best not to assume if you don’t want to get hurt. Lucky numbers: 22 & 41

GEMINI The more you hate, the more you love. This is what you’ll experience in your love life now. The person you strongly dislike will soften your heart, and you’ll feel love for them. Lucky numbers: 13 & 26

CANCER What’s meant to happen will happen, no matter how hard you try to prevent it. The distance from your partner may bring sadness for now, but this sadness is only temporary. Lucky numbers: 8 & 18

LEO Due to the many favors your partner has done for you, you’ll be compelled to grant their request, even if it goes against your will. You’ll accept it, even if it hurts, because their happiness is more important to you. Lucky numbers: 14 & 23

VIRGO You can’t take back what you’ve said, so you can’t back out of the commitment. Your partner will understand, so instead of getting angry, they’ll support your decision. Lucky numbers: 10 & 20

LIBRA You have someone in your life who will make you smile and feel loved. But don’t assume too much just yet, as it’s too early to know their true feelings for you. Lucky numbers: 67 & 69

SCORPIO Promises won’t be enough for you, and you’ll find it difficult to handle a long-distance relationship. But you’ll still give it a try because you don’t have any other option. Lucky numbers: 57 & 62

SAGITTARIUS Now that they’re no longer by your side, you’ll realize their true value to you. You’ll long for their affection, especially the love you previously took for granted. Lucky numbers: 8 & 16

CAPRICORN You’ll be forced to let go of your relationship due to excessive stress. There are many conflicts between you, and their silence amidst criticism adds to your stress. Lucky numbers: 21 & 33

AQUARIUS A new love will knock on your heart’s door, but you’re not ready to open it. You’re still fresh with the memories of past heartbreak from someone you deeply loved, so you need some time to rest. Lucky numbers: 46 & 57

PISCES You don’t need to compete with your loved one. What you should do is cooperate and support each other. If you continue to compete, it will overshadow the love in your hearts. Lucky numbers: 13 & 39

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