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Love Horoscope November 21, 2023

There is no certainty in achieving what you desire with your loved one right now. Many will oppose it, so even you might have second thoughts.
Lucky numbers: 32 & 33

TAURUS You’ll grant your partner’s wish. You’ve rejected it several times due to work, but now is the right opportunity to go home to them.
Lucky numbers: 18 & 20

GEMINI You’ll realize you loved the wrong person. The happiness you thought they brought you was actually sorrow.
Lucky numbers: 72 & 74

CANCER No change in your love life; it will continue as is. You can’t avoid feeling bored and distant from them.
Lucky numbers: 10 & 20

LEO You’ll receive a call from your love, brightening your dull day. Despite the distance, you’ll feel their love.
Lucky numbers: 63 & 74

VIRGO Your reasons for not following your loved one won’t work. Expect them to be stricter with you in the coming days.
Lucky numbers: 6 & 10

LIBRA Due to your partner’s apparent coldness, you’ll think they no longer love and value you, causing you to distance yourself.
Lucky numbers: 52 & 57

SCORPIO If someone isn’t meant for you, no matter how much you love them, you must learn to let go. Delaying it will only cause more pain.
Lucky numbers: 5 & 7

SAGITTARIUS Your longing for your partner will decrease because of someone you often talk to, but be cautious, as this may lead to a mistake.
Lucky numbers: 9 & 13

CAPRICORN You’ll be surprised to see how angry your partner can get. You never expected this behavior, making you reconsider things.
Lucky numbers: 31 & 39

AQUARIUS There will be significant changes in your relationship, but you won’t let it affect your family. It’s just a test, and you’ll overcome it together.
Lucky numbers: 57 & 68

PISCES Even though it’s hard to understand their behavior, you’ll endure it because you know you need them, especially for financial support.
Lucky numbers: 23 & 26

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