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Love Horoscope November 16, 2023

ARIES Your day with your loved one won’t be happy because of your stubbornness. Even with their small mistakes, you insist on giving attention to them. Lucky numbers: 7 & 12

TAURUS You should be careful about the people you talk to; don’t casually share your secrets. Lucky numbers: 39 & 48

GEMINI You have no feelings or affection for someone who admires you too much. Hence, you have no plans to lead them on. Lucky numbers: 17 & 23

CANCER It’s easy to say that you don’t love them anymore. But you can’t deceive your heart, which still holds a deep love for them. Lucky numbers: 10 & 20

LEO Your relationship has a long way to go, so you need to be patient to make it work smoothly. Lucky numbers: 15 & 19

VIRGO A friend will cause trouble in your relationship with your partner. You don’t know their motive, so you need to confront them first. Lucky numbers: 53 & 63

LIBRA Due to your anger, you may say something negative about your partner. Know yourself and acknowledge that you can’t control your anger, so you might pour it out on them even if they’re not the cause. Lucky numbers: 34 & 43

SCORPIO Despite any misunderstandings with your spouse, they will be the first person to stand by you in the end. Instead of worsening the misunderstanding, reconcile with them. Lucky numbers: 3 & 6

SAGITTARIUS Your partner’s opinion is important to you, so before making decisions, always seek their input. However, this time, you’ll need to make a decision on your own. Lucky numbers: 28 & 29

CAPRICORN Despite the mistakes you’ve made, your loved one will still accept you. Among all people, they understand and know you best at this time, so they deserve your gratitude. Lucky numbers: 13 & 19

AQUARIUS You might be alarmed by your partner’s actions. They have habits you won’t understand. Nevertheless, you should be the one to understand them. You’re the only one who can calm their turbulent emotions in this problem. Lucky numbers: 1 & 2

PISCES You’ll find it difficult to do what you need to do because your partner will oppose you. They won’t fully understand the decisions you’re making. You can’t blame them because you’re the only one on their mind. Lucky numbers: 15 & 30

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