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Love Horoscope March 6, 2024

You won’t like the idea of your partner about a business venture he wants to enter. So, you’ll do everything to stop him from his plan and show him what you might face regarding it. Lucky numbers: 17 & 25

Love is cruel. This is what you believe in now because of the consecutive failures in love you’ve experienced. You’ll feel like luck is elusive to you in this aspect even though you’re willing to give everything. Lucky numbers: 13 & 39

You can easily do what you want because your partner supports you in everything. Even if he doesn’t understand your quirks, he’ll still go along with you because of his excessive love for you. Lucky numbers: 6 & 16

You feel like the love you give to your spouse is still not enough because in the end, he still chooses his siblings. For him, they are still better, and you feel deeply hurt about it. Lucky numbers: 25 & 40

You won’t lose your place in the heart of the person you love because he has no other recipient of his love but you. So, you can be reassured despite occasional misunderstandings. Lucky numbers: 30 & 40

This day will be happy for both of you because finally, you’ll have the chance to bond outside after waiting for several months. No dull moment for today. Lucky numbers: 5 & 16

Finally, you’ll personally meet your chatmate whom you loved and only had a relationship with on the internet. Now is the right time for both of you, and nothing will change in your mutual admiration. Lucky numbers: 38 & 45

You never doubted him at any time, so receiving bad news today will be extremely painful for you. It’s related to his infidelity to you. Lucky numbers: 2 & 4

Your recklessness in the past left lessons for you so now you’ll think carefully about your next steps especially since many will be affected when your relationship ends. Lucky numbers: 24 & 27

The love and effort he gives you are enough. But you’ll wonder why there still seems to be something missing in your relationship. It’s like you’re looking for something you can’t see or feel in him. Lucky numbers: 11 & 12

You know how painful it will be for you to let go of your beloved. But you need to do it. You need to entrust him to the person he loves now, unfortunately, your friend. Lucky numbers: 8 & 9

You’ll be surprised because what you thought your spouse didn’t care about regarding your income-generating activities, he will now make an effort to help you. It will bring you immense joy. Lucky numbers: 4 & 17

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