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Love Horoscope February 4, 2024

This day is brimming with love and affection. You’ll be happy in the company of your loved one, even if your plans to go out and engage in other activities don’t push through. What matters most to you is being together.

Lucky numbers: 16 & 18

TAURUS You’ll receive some not-so-good news from someone, and it involves the person you deeply love who is far away. This will bring feelings of anxiety and concern for their well-being.

Lucky numbers: 10 & 30

GEMINI Your love life won’t budge due to your overwhelming busyness at work. You won’t find the time to nurture it, leaving your heart somewhat dull for the day.

Lucky numbers: 13 & 19

CANCER You’ll be compelled to express your true feelings to your partner because you can no longer fulfill it through your words and actions. They will notice and feel it, prompting you to confess the truth.

Lucky numbers: 7 & 9

LEO Even though they may be complicated and moody, you have no intention of leaving them. Besides truly loving them, they contribute a lot to your daily life, serving as a strong foundation for you.

Lucky numbers: 14 & 18

VIRGO It’s hard for you to accept that they replaced you with someone you consider lower in status. You will find a way to win back their heart and seek help from your friends.

Lucky numbers: 50 & 60

LIBRA If you used to see them only as a friend, today you’ll realize that your feelings go beyond that. However, you’ll resist this realization and try to hold yourself back.

Lucky numbers: 33 & 36

SCORPIO Now you’ll discover your colleague’s true feelings towards you. Despite their irritation and anger, you’ll experience their soft heart towards you. This truth will bring joy to your heart.

Lucky numbers: 7 & 14

SAGITTARIUS A new love awaits you in someone you’ve known before. This is unexpected, and it didn’t cross your mind that this person would become significant in your life.

Lucky numbers: 13 & 23

CAPRICORN One of your exes will re-enter your life. Although you don’t want to have any relationship with them, fate will dictate what is right for both of you.

Lucky numbers: 79 & 85

AQUARIUS You’ll shed tears over their turning away from you. But don’t worry too much because your tears will only be temporary. The sadness in your heart will not last long, as someone will come into your life to bring joy.

Lucky numbers: 42 & 69

PISCES Love takes mysterious paths, so just relax for now. God knows when He should give you the right person. It’s about to happen because you’ll meet the person meant for you today.

Lucky numbers: 11 & 21

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