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Love Horoscope December 6, 2023

ARIES You will be hurt by the betrayal he will do to you. You won’t understand what mistake you made for his sudden change. Lucky numbers: 5-8

TAURUS Your married life will be happy today because of the blessings you will receive. Despite often being financially tight, you manage to get by. Lucky numbers: 24 & 35

GEMINI You can’t avoid arguing with your partner because of your in-laws. There are things you won’t agree on, and this time, you won’t feel his sympathy. Lucky numbers: 10 & 20

CANCER You will be saddened by your loved one’s lack of communication. You won’t receive any calls or texts from him, leading to suspicion. Lucky numbers: 18 & 19

LEO The wind of change will blow in your relationship. While he used to easily lose his temper with you and those around you, now he is as gentle as a lamb. Lucky numbers: 24 & 46

VIRGO You will be infected by your partner’s enthusiasm in helping those in need. This will make you love and admire him even more. Lucky numbers: 7 & 9

LIBRA You will be surprised by the effort your partner will make just to help you with the problems you’re facing. You will be immensely grateful to him, deepening your affection. Lucky numbers: 32 & 43

SCORPIO You know that no one else will help resolve your problems but your spouse. So, you will listen to each other. You need to hold on to each other. Lucky numbers: 20 & 30

SAGITTARIUS He will remain faithful to you despite the distance. During this time, you have no choice but to trust him and rely on his promises while you are apart. Lucky numbers: 6 & 8

CAPRICORN You will grant your loved one’s request to avoid him getting upset with you. You don’t want a repeat of his deep resentment, so you will try to accommodate him. Lucky numbers: 22 & 33

AQUARIUS You won’t be the one causing a heavy heart in case your partner decides to break up with you. He’s not ready to lose you, so don’t worry. Lucky numbers: 11 & 13

PISCES There’s still hope to save your relationship that is in danger now due to your differing opinions and interference from others. You need to have a sincere conversation between the two of you. Lucky numbers: 28 & 37

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