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Love Horoscope December 17, 2023

ARIES You cannot endure your strong opposition, but even though you are compelled, you will still agree to the important decisions of your partner. This is just to maintain peace in your relationship. Lucky numbers: 54 and 68.

TAURUS Your decision to leave your partner will be swift because someone else is now bringing joy to your heart. Because of this, you will no longer give enough attention to the relationship you want to end. Lucky numbers: 6 and 9.

GEMINI You try to avoid getting hurt by the words your loved one utters. However, even though it’s just part of their teasing, you will be affected because you know there is truth in what they are saying. Lucky numbers: 5 and 17.

CANCER You have great confidence in yourself, so you expect your partner to follow you. However, contrary to your expectations, you will find out today that you will be the one to follow. Lucky numbers: 30 and 40.

LEO You need to grant your loved one’s request today because you know that in the coming days, you will also have something to ask for, and this will be your way of compensating for their favor. Lucky numbers: 13 and 15.

VIRGO You will never run out of excuses for your partner to avoid their wishes. You will prove that when there’s a will, there’s a way, and when there’s none, there are also many reasons. Lucky numbers: 23 and 27.

LIBRA You plan to go out with your loved one, but you will find out that you cannot bring them along because they are too busy with their current commitments. They prefer to focus their attention on work rather than on your seemingly insignificant plans. Lucky numbers: 11 and 19.

SCORPIO You will do everything to keep your partner from hearing about your surprise plans for them. Today, you will spend your time planning how to make your intentions successful with the help of some accomplices. Lucky numbers: 66 and 79.

SAGITTARIUS You continue to shout to the world your feelings for the person you love the most. Even if they almost whisper their love to you, you still cannot be sure if it is genuine or fake. Lucky numbers: 3 and 13.

CAPRICORN Today, you will feel the emptiness of your emotions because you will miss your departed loved one excessively. Throughout the day, memories with them will fill your mind. Lucky numbers: 12 and 21.

AQUARIUS Because of obstacles today, you will postpone your plan to meet your significant other. You know they will be upset, but you have no choice but to fix what needs to be fixed first. Lucky numbers: 4 and 8.

PISCES You cannot resist your loved one. Despite their mistakes, you will still try to reconcile with them, even if it means humbling yourself for another chance. Lucky numbers: 24 and 30.

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