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Love Horoscope December 15, 2023

ARIES The love you’ve been longing for will knock on your heart soon. You’ll be delighted because he is the embodiment of the man of your dreams. Just be patient, as he’s on his way. Also, avoid being confined in tight spaces to prevent hindrances to your meeting. (Lucky numbers 8, 11, 15)

TAURUS If you love him, don’t let your pride get too high. It’s better if you always agree with each other. So, if there’s a problem, talk about it immediately. Always give him a sweet smile to make your time together happy. (Lucky numbers 5, 11, 20)

GEMINI Open your heart to the right person. Don’t let yourself be fooled by just anyone. Get to know each person you trust well. Be cautious because there are many pretenders. (Lucky Numbers 2, 12, 24)

CANCER There’s nothing you can do but accept the situation you’re in now. If danger is lurking, just avoid it and find a solution. After the hardship, your heart will also be happy. So, just relax. (Lucky Numbers 4, 16, 19)

LEO His love will give you the strength to face every challenge. Because he truly loves you, he won’t leave you. Just be happy always to bring luck to your hearts. (Lucky Numbers 6, 14, 18)

VIRGO Don’t compare your present with your past. They are different people. If you constantly compare the two, you might think you still love your ex. Be careful; your true love might leave you suddenly. (Lucky Numbers 5, 14, 38)

LIBRA If he has long stopped showing affection, be wary. He may have already redirected his love to someone else. It’s painful, but you need to accept the truth. (Lucky Numbers 4, 12, 18)

SCORPION For those still searching for love, be patient. Your happiness will come. It’s close, but the exact month is unknown. Trust in the power of love. (Lucky Numbers 13, 17, 29)

SAGITTARIUS To have bonding moments, take a vacation and temporarily leave work and problems behind. That’s the way to ensure that love doesn’t fade from your life. (Lucky Numbers 5, 15, 25)

CAPRICORN Take the initiative to fulfill what you both want in your relationship. Nothing will happen if you’re always waiting. He also doesn’t know what to do. (Lucky Numbers 4, 10, 16)

AQUARIUS Be sensitive to your partner’s feelings. You should be his defender. Don’t let yourself become an instrument for others to mock him. Beware; your relationship might end. (Lucky Numbers 15, 23, 33)

PISCES Be brave to face disappointment. You won’t always cry. The time will come when you’ll be happy. Be strong, not just for yourself but also for your loved one. (Lucky Numbers 9, 11, 16)

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