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Love Horoscope December 12, 2023


You need to be sensitive to your partner’s feelings if you don’t want to hurt them. They are naturally emotional, so choose your words carefully when talking to them as much as possible. Lucky numbers: 13 & 15


You will uncover a secret related to your loved one. Nevertheless, whether you like it or not, your love for them will endure. You may not even understand your own feelings. Lucky numbers: 10 & 20


Despite any problems you may be going through, you’ll still be happy to be with them. You feel like there’s nothing you can’t handle as long as you’re together, supporting each other. Lucky numbers: 16 & 23


There will be a change in your feelings for your partner. It’s a result of their behavior, which you hadn’t seen in them before. Despite this, you’ll still try to be patient and understanding. Lucky numbers: 18 & 19


There will be disagreements between you and your loved one, but it won’t be a major issue for both of you. It’s just part of your relationship, especially as you both adjust to each other. Lucky numbers: 26 & 30


Finally, you’ll be able to tell them what you’ve been holding back for a long time. However, their reaction won’t be as expected. You may not like it, but there’s nothing you can do. Lucky numbers: 1 & 2


It will be challenging to change your loved one’s mind because you know them well. When they make a decision, right or wrong, they’ll stick to it, and they won’t back down. Lucky numbers: 6 & 8


You’ll hear unpleasant words against the person you love today. Even if you dislike conflict, you can’t avoid speaking up. For you, it’s necessary to defend them against those who criticize them. Lucky numbers: 40 & 55


Despite their silence and lack of communication, you have nothing to worry about. You are still in their thoughts and heart. It just happens that they are facing many problems right now. Lucky numbers: 9 & 11


No matter how much you try to avoid them, your desire to be with them will persist. Even if you can’t be together now, you’ll have the opportunity to talk to them through the internet. Lucky numbers: 49 & 51


This day is important to you because you hope to be with your loved one in a gathering. However, your expectations may be disappointed due to an unexpected event that neither of you anticipated. Lucky numbers: 20 & 27


The course of your relationship won’t be good because despite their explanations for their mistakes, your doubt continues. It will be difficult for you to give your trust completely. Lucky numbers: 12 & 15

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