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Chinese Horoscope (ENG) November 10, 2023

RAT: Be careful with what you read on social media; it might irritate you. It’s better to refrain from using it for now than to ruin your entire day. You have a chance to be happy before the day ends. Lucky numbers: 14, 20, 25, 26.

OX: You won’t hesitate to help a friend in need, but this might lead to a misunderstanding with your loved one, as you both need assistance but prioritize others. Lucky numbers: 1, 2, 13, 15.

TIGER: Even if we have good intentions, sometimes we unintentionally hurt others. In this situation, the only thing you should do is apologize. Lucky numbers: 36, 43, 47, 50.

RABBIT: The environment is positive and refreshing, so there’s no reason to feel sad today. Avoid being the source of negative energy around you to keep your day bright. Lucky numbers: 22, 23, 40, 48.

DRAGON: Be cautious with online shops; there’s a high possibility of being deceived. You might be convinced by the beauty of the items you see on the internet, but what you expect may not be what you receive. Lucky numbers: 11, 14, 30, 39.

SNAKE: Don’t rush decision-making. If you’re angry now, calm down first, because once you make a decision in anger, it will be difficult to change when you’re calm. Lucky numbers: 23, 34, 41, 54.

HORSE: Be careful with what you eat; your stomach may be upset by something you’ll taste today. It’s better if you cook your own food to avoid danger. Lucky numbers: 4, 5, 16, 34.

SHEEP: You can’t do much for others today, but your day will be happy as you’ll be surrounded by joyful people. People like them should always be with you to influence you positively. Lucky numbers: 25, 50, 55, 67.

MONKEY: Your day will be a mix of positive and negative. You’ll be delighted in the morning due to good news, but negative news will chase you before the day ends. Lucky numbers: 10, 18, 19, 32.

ROOSTER: You’ll need to decide between work and your family. It will be difficult, but you have no choice but to do it now before the problem worsens. Lucky numbers: 45, 46, 56, 66.

DOG: Good opportunities will come to your partner naturally. Don’t hinder their career improvement; instead, give them your full support to make them feel your love even more. Lucky numbers: 5, 13, 34, 40.

PIG: Misunderstandings with your partner will continue to grow due to your doubts. If you think there’s no hope, let them go and release them from the trap you created for them. Lucky numbers: 58, 61, 75, 79.

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