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Chinese Horoscope (ENG) November 28, 2023

RAT: A new friend will enter your life. This person will assist you with business-related issues. You will learn a lot from them, so you should be grateful for their presence in your life. Lucky numbers: 3, 23, 25, 40

OX: Avoid spending too much time in a place that doesn’t match your personality. Your luck here is elusive, and you won’t grow much with the people around you. Each person has their proper place, and this may not be yours. Lucky numbers: 11, 15, 18, 22

TIGER: You don’t need to condone your loved one’s actions that you know aren’t good for them. But you’ll still do it. In the end, you can’t avoid feeling regret. Lucky numbers: 52, 54, 61, 67

RABBIT: There will be changes in the group you belong to. Although it won’t affect you much, many of your groupmates will be affected, so you’ll find ways to help. Lucky numbers: 4, 25, 28, 30

DRAGON: You won’t regret accepting the opportunity you had second thoughts about. It was right to set aside your doubts and choose to embrace this opportunity because it is truly meant for you. Lucky numbers: 32, 33, 37, 48

SNAKE: You are close to a disaster, so it’s better if you choose to stay quiet at home with your family rather than go to a place with your friends. Lucky numbers: 5, 13, 14, 20

HORSE: You can’t help but worry about a family member who has no choice but to move away. Your family bond is important to you, so you’ll deeply regret their decision. Lucky numbers: 16, 26, 33, 39

SHEEP: It’s time to open your eyes to the truth. You should consider the feelings of others, not just yourself. Whether you like it or not, what you should do is set free someone who is not for you. Lucky numbers: 45, 47, 54, 63

MONKEY: It’s not bad to hope even if you can’t see any hope. Continue your prayers and strengthen your faith. God does not disappoint those who pray with goodness and sincerity in their hearts. Lucky numbers: 4, 12, 23, 29

ROOSTER: This is a good day for you and your family. A gathering will take place at a relative’s home, paving the way for a long conversation and catching up with each other. Plans for everyone will be formed. Lucky numbers: 20, 31, 55, 69

DOG: Today is not the day for the fulfillment of your dreams, but you’ll feel that it’s getting closer to you. Hold on tighter and continue the efforts you’re making right now. Lucky numbers: 61, 68, 77, 78

PIG: You’ll need enough courage to face a person who helped you when you were in dire straits. Instead of fearing them, you should confront them and do what’s right. Lucky numbers: 14, 15, 34, 40

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