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Chinese Horoscope (ENG) May 6, 2024

The separation you’ve been fearing might actually bring you hope today. Even though they’re far away, count on them not abandoning you like they promised.

Lucky numbers: 15, 16, 34, 37

OX You won’t agree with the decision of the older member of your family. You’ll see many holes and wrongs in what they’re about to decide, so you won’t be able to stop yourself from meddling.

Lucky numbers: 25, 39, 44, 45

TIGER You’ll waste a lot of time today being busy on social media. What you could’ve finished, you’ll postpone for another day. So, you won’t be productive today.

Lucky numbers: 35, 56, 57, 59

RABBIT You’re unsure whom to believe between two people close to you. There’s a rift between them, and they’ll tell you different versions, leaving you confused.

Lucky numbers: 45, 46, 63, 72

DRAGON You’ll have a heavy heart today because there’s a problem you can’t share with others. You’re unsure whom to trust regarding it because you fear its disclosure.

Lucky numbers: 10, 11, 13, 20

SNAKE Today, you’ll discover which of your relatives truly cares for you. You won’t expect what you’ll learn, changing how you see them as family.

Lucky numbers: 26, 27, 37, 38

HORSE You can’t fool your partner anymore. Today, your charades with them will end, so you need to brace yourself. You’ll be in a situation you can’t wriggle out of.

Lucky numbers: 11, 14, 26, 30

SHEEP You’ll receive a blessing today that, though appreciated, won’t prevent you from feeling a bit down because it’s not what you expected. Nevertheless, it will greatly help you.

Lucky numbers: 45, 55, 60, 67

MONKEY A friend will depart from your life, and you’ll deeply mourn this loss. But you know there’s nothing you can do but pray for their safe journey and arrival at their destination.

Lucky numbers: 1, 2, 3, 4

ROOSTER You won’t be able to hide your secret from your parents anymore because it will become obvious to them. So, you’ll have no choice but to confess your not-so-good situation to them.

Lucky numbers: 9, 18, 20, 22

DOG You’ll prove today that one of your tough-hearted colleagues can also soften up. You’ll be the one to soften them up because of the kindness you’ll show.

Lucky numbers: 11, 12, 13, 24

PIG You won’t be able to replace anything that will break or go missing today. However, you’ll find a way to ease the heart of someone who’ll feel bad about it. You’ll have a way to make them laugh and lighten their mood.

Lucky numbers: 28, 29, 30, 31

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