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Chinese Horoscope (ENG) March 8, 2024


You have an important task that you won’t be able to finish because of many distractions. It’s rare that these kinds of events happen in your life. You have no choice but to postpone the tasks.

Lucky numbers: 25, 28, 30, 34


Just when you need a friend or someone to confide in, you won’t be able to contact any of them. Nobody will reach out to you no matter what you do; you’ll be alone today.

Lucky numbers: 7, 18, 24, 26


The conversation with a relative about your family’s property won’t go well. There will be questions and doubts about each other’s intentions, and you won’t resolve them.

Lucky numbers: 9, 10, 11, 13


If there’s something you should be thankful for today, it’s the second life that God will give you. Something unusual will happen today that will cause excessive fear and apprehension for your life.

Lucky numbers: 7, 17, 30, 33


A significant event will lead to crossing paths again with a past love. You’ll be surprised because upon seeing them, all memories will come flooding back, and you’ll feel a spark.

Lucky numbers: 45, 49, 52, 54


Today is not the right day to complain about tasks assigned to you that you know shouldn’t be. For now, you can’t do anything but follow your superior’s decision at work, even though you know there’s something wrong with it.

Lucky numbers: 50, 57, 65, 68


You’ll have doubts about accepting a big opportunity abroad because it means being away from your family, who are your priority in life right now. You’ll need to think about it carefully.

Lucky numbers: 1, 3, 4, 7


Something long lost will be found in an unexpected corner of your house. Even though you haven’t seen it for a long time, the excitement to use it again remains.

Lucky numbers: 8, 19, 22, 33


Between you and your loved one, you’ll be the one to adjust because you understand more at the moment. But this is only temporary. You’ll teach them about things they don’t fully understand yet.

Lucky numbers: 43, 44, 50, 60


You’ll be happy today because your business will run smoothly. Money will flow in easily today. You have luck that hasn’t been with you for a few months, so you should rejoice today.

Lucky numbers: 40, 50, 52, 54


Someone you recently did a good deed for won’t forget you. So today, they’ll show up and return the gratitude that you rightfully deserve. You’ll be pleased.

Lucky numbers: 61, 62, 73, 78


Because of your recent busy days with other matters, you’ll need to rush through work today. You have no choice but to finish the tasks assigned to you today.

Lucky numbers: 21, 23, 25, 30

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