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Chinese Horoscope (ENG) March 7, 2024

RAT You won’t understand what a friend wants to convey to you. So, you won’t be able to do what they want. You’d rather understand what they want to happen and its consequences before you act. Lucky numbers: 6, 8, 10, 11

OX Finally, you’ll get something you’ve long wanted to have. It will come from someone who isn’t close to you but is close to your heart. Don’t forget to be grateful. Lucky numbers: 15, 20, 22, 25

TIGER Today brings a great opportunity for a big project. You won’t miss it, so give it your best shot to impress your superiors at work. Lucky numbers: 7, 18, 19, 30

RABBIT You’ll feel hesitant about giving a place in your heart to someone who makes you happy now. You still don’t know much about them, so you’ll worry about making the wrong decision. Lucky numbers: 45, 46, 51, 52

DRAGON You’ll regret rejecting a big opportunity that knocked on your door before. Now you’ll see the luck it brought to the person who accepted it when you turned it down. Lucky numbers: 19, 22, 33, 39

SNAKE No matter how much you explain to a family member, they won’t understand you. They favor and protect someone, so their mind is closed when it comes to your family. Lucky numbers: 35, 43, 50, 58

HORSE Love is sweeter the second time around. That’s what you’ll believe now, so you’ll be willing to accept the person who hurt you before. You want to give them a second chance to make it up to you. Lucky numbers: 8, 12, 23, 26

SHEEP You’re not the only one troubled by money. Out of ten people, eight are troubled by it. Instead of sulking, rise up and find a way to make money, as long as it doesn’t come from wrongdoing. Lucky numbers: 9, 19, 21, 24

MONKEY Many hours will be wasted due to your hesitation. You need to train yourself to focus on your work because more opportunities are coming your way. Lucky numbers: 8, 18, 30, 33

ROOSTER It’s a good day for bonding with your loved one. They might invite you to a distant place, but you’d prefer somewhere nearby because you’re not in a condition to tire yourself out with a long journey. Lucky numbers: 40, 48, 59, 60

DOG Today, you’ll erase the negative view of a new acquaintance from your mind. You’ll see the good qualities in them that are rare to find in a person. So, from now on, you’ll have a positive view of them. Lucky numbers: 55, 66, 72, 75

PIG Your efforts in the past months won’t be in vain. Finally, you’ll reap the blessings that are rightfully yours. While it may not be as big as you expected, it will still be a big help to you. Lucky numbers: 19, 29, 30, 33

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