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Chinese Horoscope (ENG) June 1, 2024


Every word you utter today will leave a lasting impression on the person you’re speaking with. So, as much as possible, avoid saying anything unpleasant or words you can’t stand by.
Lucky numbers: 15, 20, 23, 30


No matter how high your pride is, you’ll need to set it aside today because it won’t help you in the situation you’re facing. It’s better to practice humility.
Lucky numbers: 7, 9, 13, 32


Even though you have no connection with a person you’ll encounter today, you’ll still be affected by their life story, which you’ll hear from an acquaintance. This will make you reflect on your own life.
Lucky numbers: 19, 35, 40, 46


You’ll have a hard time convincing your relative to sell their land. This is not the right time for them to let go of it. All you can do is wait until they decide.
Lucky numbers: 46, 49, 50, 55


You’re not the type to turn away and run from problems. No matter how heavy they are, you face them with courage and strength. But you’re not ready for another heavy challenge coming your way, so you’ll need the help of others.
Lucky numbers: 8, 18, 22, 33


You strongly believe that luck is close because you’re starting to resolve your problems one by one. Keep this positive outlook on life, and heaven will grant you the blessings you seek.
Lucky numbers: 7, 20, 30, 31


You’ll cross paths with an old friend today in a marketplace. They will bring you good news that will keep you excited all day and night.
Lucky numbers: 40, 42, 56, 58


You will win a silent battle today. The person who dislikes you will confront you again, but this time they won’t be able to bring you down in front of others.
Lucky numbers: 2, 3, 5, 7


You’re not in the mood today. You feel like you won’t be productive no matter how much you set your mind and body to work. So, you’ll spend the whole day resting.
Lucky numbers: 16, 20, 29, 39


You will admire online sellers, so you’ll consider trying it yourself today. You’ll think of a product you can sell in the online market. This will be your focus for the day.
Lucky numbers: 52, 66, 67, 70


This is the day you’ll try to be independent. You’ll feel mixed emotions like fear, anxiety, excitement, and joy. Despite this, nothing will stop you from carrying out your plans for yourself.
Lucky numbers: 1, 11, 13, 14


The person you’ve been avoiding for days will cross your path today. Even though you don’t want to see them, you’ll have no choice but to talk to them because they have important information.
Lucky numbers: 4, 15, 26, 27

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