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Chinese Horoscope (ENG) February 18, 2024

RAT: You won’t be satisfied with the results of your own work today. That’s why you’ll spend the day reviewing your tasks. You have many new ideas to add for its improvement.

OX: There’s a big chance you’ll get involved with someone who has a complicated life. Even though you know you’ll only get caught up in their mess, there’s still a higher chance you’ll bite into their pain.

TIGER: You won’t hesitate to grant a request from a relative. This is because of the debt of gratitude you owe them. Even if their request may put you in an unfavorable situation.

RABBIT: Even though you were initially decided on a decision regarding your love life, suddenly you’ll have second thoughts. So, you’ll need to reconsider it before making your final decision.

DRAGON: The surprise you’ve been waiting for from the past few days will come to you today. Finally, your wait will be over. The surprise you’ve been expecting is what you’ll receive.

SNAKE: Blessings will continue to come your way. This is heaven’s reward for your tireless help to your fellowmen. The kindness you’ve shown to them comes from your heart, so heaven will repay you.

HORSE: You’re unlucky today with friends because you’re surrounded by fake people. Most of those claiming to be your friends today are not real. You should know that the one you think is fake is the only true one to you.

SHEEP: Avoid traveling today. You’re close to disaster. It’s better if you temporarily stay quiet inside your home. There are many meaningful things you can do here.

MONKEY: Today, you’ll reap the rewards of your hard work from the past few months. Your long wait will have a good result that you’ll be greatly pleased with. Don’t forget to express gratitude to the heavens.

ROOSTER: The person you’ve been waiting for who will play a big part in your life is on the way. They’re the one who will always bring a smile to your face and make your heart skip a beat. You’re fortunate to find them.

DOG: There’s some who will be jealous of your achievements in life. That’s why they’ll find ways to bring you down. Be alert at all times and to all the people around you. Choose whom to trust wisely.

PIG: Don’t expect to be paid back by the person who owes you a lot. You know their track record. You made a mistake lending them money so now you’ll reap the consequences of your mistake.

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