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Chinese Horoscope (ENG) December 2, 2023

RAT It is clear that someone wants to convey a message to you, but you don’t see it because you are currently blinded by your feelings for them. Don’t torture yourself any longer because there will be no connection between you two. Lucky numbers: 14, 21, 33, 40

OX The luck you’re waiting for is still elusive. The day when you can achieve what you desire and do what you want is a bit far off. You’ll need to extend your patience and be patient about it. Lucky numbers: 4, 34, 36, 47

TIGER The day will pass as if nothing happened, even though you expected something to happen. Don’t regret anything because what’s meant for you is meant for you, and nothing can hinder it. Lucky numbers: 11, 28, 42, 59

RABBIT You will be surrounded by opportunities now, so you should rejoice. Avoid hesitating in these situations because they will pass by if you don’t seize them immediately. Lucky numbers: 56, 63, 68, 79

DRAGON A relative will ask for your help with a project they want to start. They know you have more experience and knowledge about it, so they will turn to you, trusting that you won’t let them down. Lucky numbers: 3, 18, 19, 22

SNAKE Make an effort to acquire something you’ve long desired today. If you don’t pursue it on this day, someone else might get hold of it because there are also many interested parties. Lucky numbers: 1, 2, 5, 8

HORSE It will be painful for you to part ways because they have been by your side your whole life. However, whether you like it or not, you will need to let them go and entrust your fate to God. Lucky numbers: 15, 24, 25, 39

SHEEP You wouldn’t want to get involved in the trouble your friends are currently caught up in. So, even if you know something, you’d prefer to keep quiet and wait for the tension to subside on both sides. Lucky numbers: 6, 17, 18, 20

MONKEY Your day will be happy despite the problems you’re facing now because someone you secretly admire will make you smile. So, your admiration for them will increase. Lucky numbers: 40, 52, 65, 73

ROOSTER Don’t wait for them to get tired. Do what you need to do now. Their coldness now is a sign that they’re also thinking of ending your relationship, so you should start thinking too. Lucky numbers: 13, 32, 33, 37

DOG You will vent your anger at a colleague instead of the person you’re mad at. Before the day ends, you will need to apologize to them if you don’t want your reputation to be tarnished. Lucky numbers: 45, 50, 51, 69

PIG Avoid assuming things, especially in a relationship that doesn’t really exist. You need to ensure with a person if you both feel the same way if you don’t want to end up being the only one hurt in the end. Lucky numbers: 27, 34, 44, 55

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