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Chinese Horoscope (ENG) April 29, 2024

RAT You’ll encounter luck on the road. A great opportunity will come your way. Though it may not be long-lasting, you can’t deny that it will still greatly help you. Lucky numbers: 5, 16, 56, 59

OX Be calm in facing challenges. Hasty decisions won’t do you any good, especially since you don’t listen to the advice of your elders. Lucky numbers: 18, 20, 31, 45

TIGER After your tight schedules these past days, you’ll feel some relief now. You’ll have time for many things and activities you’ve wanted to do for a long time. Lucky numbers: 11, 19, 29, 34

RABBIT The savings you have won’t be enough to buy something you really want for yourself. Console yourself. But you need to increase your efforts and perseverance first. Lucky numbers: 51, 60, 77, 79

DRAGON The problem you’ll face will bring sadness to you. You’ll try to handle it with smiles and good vibes. Now more than ever, you’ll need your positive outlook. Lucky numbers: 20, 24, 25, 30

SNAKE Finally, your long-planned outing far away will push through. Though some of your friends can’t join, your trip and bonding will still be enjoyable. Lucky numbers: 33, 40, 41, 52

HORSE You’ll need to tighten your belt and start it today. Put aside thoughts of buying things you don’t really need yet. Prioritize upcoming expenses. Lucky numbers: 19, 23, 43, 57

SHEEP You can avoid him if you want. The problem is your heart doesn’t want to even if your mind does. You’re happy just to see him and talk to him, even if you know that’s all he can give you. Lucky numbers: 21, 30, 44, 46

MONKEY If he’s not paying attention to you now, just let him be. You shouldn’t worry. When he’s far away, he’ll then feel your worth and he won’t be able to resist contacting you. Lucky numbers: 12, 69, 70, 73

ROOSTER The people around you know you’re in love now. But you don’t need to show them your changes just because of one person and your love for them. Stay true to yourself to prove their love. Lucky numbers: 19, 26, 27, 50

DOG You’ll have a falling out with your close friend. It’s because they’ll feel jealous of the excessive attention you’re giving to a new friend. They won’t like it, so you need to explain it to them. Lucky numbers: 5, 7, 37, 38

PIG There are things that are just hard to explain. You’re too anxious about your family’s consecutive outings. You should be happy but you can’t explain the feeling that something bad will happen. Lucky numbers: 14, 59, 66, 90

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