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Who are the members of the band and what instruments do each play, and who is/are the vocalist(s)

Zhel Roldan is the group’s main vocalist. Arnel Yruma is the guitarist and does vocals too while Marlou Dayawon is their percussionist, keyboardist, drummer. He also does vocals.

When did you form your band? Did you know each other beforehand?

Marlou and Arnel known each other in the church they were serving as choir musicians and eventually became work colleagues with Zhel. The ministry they were working at formed a band and called it ‘Katekista Band’ (Catechist Band) to inspire the children and the youth to love and trust God. Eventually, Triple Moon was formed last 2019 as their secular band and were actively participating in band competitions before the pandemic.

Triple Moon means trio and moon as light in darkness – to give hope and inspiration through music. Currently, they continue their passion in music aside from their busy work schedules.

Who writes the music?

All members can write their own lyrics and music. They draw their inspirations from their own experiences of love, brokenness, coping up in life, faith and other random inspirations. The song, ‘MOVE ON’ is one of their original songs with video. They have other original songs to be released.

Where do you draw your inspiration from for your songs?

The group was influenced by local and foreign pop music, bossa nova and RNB and then later they pursued acoustic music as their genre.

Are you performing live and where can people see you?

We don’t perform live at the moment but we perform for special occasions and participate in band competitions.





Beautiful song with excellent harmonies. One viewer said that the song was so good, he got goosebumps.

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