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Who are the members of the band and what instruments do each play, as well as vocals

Francis Ericson – Bass | Vocals

John Ericson – Guitars | Vocals

Eric Ericson – Drums

Alfred Ericson – Guitars

Harry Ericson – Lead Guitars

When did you form your band?  Did you know each other beforehand?

The Ericsons was originally formed by Eric and Francis with the former member, Gerry Ericson sometime in 2016 or 2017 as a Ramonescore outfit covering mostly Ramones and Misfits tunes. In 2018, when Gerry decided to pursue his career in Manila, John took his place. This time, John suggested that maybe we could focus on writing original songs. From then we recruited Alfred to be a member of the band and larry was soon included to play the lead parts.

“Second verse same as the first”. Henry the 8th – awesome. This song is pure fun, super well played and the video is nothing but entertaining. Love it!!

Who writes the music?

Most of the tracks are written by John and Francis but each member has their output on every arrangement of the songs.

Where do you draw your inspiration from for your songs?

In songwriting, The Ericsons drew inspiration from everything under the sun. From drinking cola, teenage wasteland to alien invasion. They write short and fast yet catchy anthemic punk rock songs.

Are you performing live and where can people see you?

Yes, we do play live. you can check us out on social media and in every streaming platform availlable. Kindly check the links below:

Another entertaining and fun video from The Ericsons










Pure punk, pure head banging and fun
More fun and good music from The Ericsons.

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