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Last Sonnet

We are Last Sonnet from Muntinlupa City, NCR, Philippines. Band started last May, 2023.

Genre: Alternative, Rock, Pop

How did the band get together?

Pandoy (vocals) was photocopying documents and Jhames (bass), who was nearby, asked Pandoy if he is a member of a band. After a little chit chat, Jhames invited Pandoy to join his band.  Nico (drummer) and Drei (guitar) and Tata Bart (guitar) are brothers and were former band mates with Nico (drummer) in another venture.  Des (guitar) was invited by Ijon (former Bass) and here we are.

This rock ballad would work in an acoustic environment too. Sweet tune with band showing off their guitar and vocal harmony talent. Background guitar melody shifts are absolutely superb.

The Bandmates

Des – Guitars

Drei – Guitars

Tata Bart – Guitars

Jhames – Bass

Nico – Drummer

Pandoy – Vocals

Who and what are your inspirations?

Band’s inspirations to music are our love once who believes in our capability to create music. For us music is a way to reset your thoughts, mind and soul. We created music with the influences of Kamikazee, 123Pikit, Urbandub, Franco, Breaking Benjamin, blink182 etc.. To us, music is an expression of feelings and channeling your experiences to create a wonderful sound.

Filipino Rock anthemic song. Strong guitar

What’s it like to be an Indie band?

Being an independent band gives you a freedom to create your own style; your  own sounds and everything that goes with that. You can stop for a while and then get back on track. Being independent is awesome; you’re free to explore and learn from other bands you encounter.

Do you have an album available?

We actually don’t have an album yet but we have original songs about our experiences or experiences of the people around us. Our ‘Bespren’ song is dedicated to Pandoy’s best friend during his college days at UST. The boy was so scared to reveal his feelings to a female best friend. He admitted it after 10 years and the girl said ” Dude you’re 10 years too late “. That’s how we create music; we take true stories or events make them into songs they make the listener understand the emotions involved.

This is prime example of the band’s ability to excite and move an audience. Experience is a talent by tiself. The band just melds with the crowd and they love every second. Amazing to watch

What has been the band’s most memorable moment or event?

The most memorable moment we had was last April 27, 2024 at R-18 Main Character Era held in Festival Concert Grounds. We were front act of some other bands such as SUD, Nobita, The Juans. It had 16,000 attendees and we played our hearts out.  We didn’t expect the crowd to enjoy our music as much as they did.

What does a typical Last Sonnet gig look like?

We make sure that our listeners can relate to our music and we engage them with humor. We ask them to participate and we share jokes and punch lines. Me make sure to put smiles to their faces.

What does the future look like for Last Sonnet?

We will continue to create and share our music to everyone. We will make sure that no one can stop us. We are welcome to any invitations, gigs, school and college gigs.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100093067011620

YouTube:  https://www.youtube.com/@LastSonnet

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