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ICY D (member of Verse Ave)

“Icy D,” is a rising Hip-hop artist who mainly creates Hip-Hop, Alternative Hip-Hop, and Contemporary R&B genres. As a member of the collective Verse Ave, Icy D has been making waves in the music scene with his unique flows, rhythms, and dedication to his craft.

With a passion for art and a commitment to creating visionary music, Icy D has quickly gained a following of fans who appreciate his unique style and raw talent. His music blends elements of classic hip-hop with contemporary R&B and alternative influences, resulting in a sound that is both fresh and timeless.

Icy D has gained new listeners, fueled in part by the success of his single “Ariza,” which has gained traction on popular Spotify Editorial playlists such as Fresh Finds Ph and OPM Rising.

With each new release, Icy D continues to push the boundaries of what is possible, starting from scratch. Let’s wait and see what he will come up with next

FUTURE STAR!!! Great song

When did you form your band? Did you know each other beforehand?

I wrote my first song during the pandemic when boredom hit, and we had nothing to do. My childhood friend, Jiro, and I decided to start studying music, both in production and the technical aspects such as writing and rapping. We didn’t want to waste the time that the quarantine gave us. Although we had been hip-hop fans for a while, we hadn’t had the time to explore it due to our school schedules and other commitments. Both Jiro and I co-founded a hip-hop collective known as Verse Ave. We initially started it as the only members of the group, and after a year, we met some friends who eventually became part of our collective.

Currently, we’ve been working closely with NexGem, a group we met online. Right now, we have a couple of songs together, both as a collective and individually. We are also actively looking for other members who want to join our collective.

My head and feet are moving. Pure awesomeness

Who writes the music?

Every song that we produce, both as a collective and individually, is originally written by the artist themselves. Most of the songs are produced by Jerome Banaay, a member of NexGem who is also an artist. Some notable songs that I included, which are produced by him, are “Oo,” “Ariza,” “Marahuyo,” and “Mason.” My songs are mixed and mastered by me, and sometimes by Jerome Banaay.

Where do you draw your inspiration from for your songs?

I usually draw inspiration from my friends and through my imagination. I also take common stories and tweak them with my imagination to make them unique. During the recording process, I add some cool elements such as flow and intonation to make the songs more colorful and enjoyable to listen to.

Are you performing live and where can people see you?

I usually perform at events that have open mics or invitations that are sent to my business email. Right now, I do have an incoming live performance on Dougbrock TV Soundtrip and Local. I’m also open to any invitations or collaborations. So, if anyone is interested, feel free to email me, and let’s see where it goes

Recent Music Video

Icy D – Chill (Official Music Video) – YouTube

Icy D – Kylie (Official Music Video) – YouTube


FACEBOOK: Facebook

INSTAGRAM: 🌹 (@icyd_24) • Instagram photos and videos

YOUTUBE: Verse Ave – YouTube

SPOTIFY: Icy D | Spotify PH

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