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1. Who are the members of the band and what instruments do each play, as well as vocals?

The band members and their respective instruments and vocal roles are as follows:

Jhun Cruzado is the vocalist and plays the acoustic guitar.

Paulyne Uyan is the 2nd Main Vocalist.

Harry Sanvictores plays the drums and provides backup vocals.

Rhocky Mariano plays the bass and provides backup vocals.

Jacob Tenorio handles rhythm and backup vocals.

Arjaykim Silorio plays the lead guitar.

2. When did you form your band? Did you know each other beforehand?

The band was formed in December 2021. Jhun initially started as a solo artist and later decided to form a band. Jhun was the common link between all the members and played a pivotal role in bringing them together. He began with Rhocky, who had been his choirmate in church, and they formed a cover band where Jhun played drums/percussion, and Rhocky played bass. This cover band performed at various bars in Metro Manila. When forming the band, Jhun’s first choice for a bassist was Rhocky due to their prior collaboration.

Next, Jhun recruited Harry as the drummer. They met through the Singles for Christ Music Ministry. The most challenging task was finding a lead guitarist, and Jhun sought recommendations from his friends. Their friend GABO recommended his college classmate KIM as the lead guitarist. This completed the initial lineup, and they played several gigs together.

In the first quarter of 2023, Rhocky took a break from the band. Harry then recruited his friend Jacob to be their session bass player. After Rhocky’s break, they decided to officially recruit Jacob as a member to play the guitar and complete their sound. Paulyne was also officially recruited as the 2nd Vocalist since she had been singing with the band since Hunyo started.

3. Who writes the music?

Jhun is the primary songwriter of the band. However, the band has also collaborated on projects where Harry and Paulyne have written songs that they hope to perform at their gigs someday.

4. Where do you draw your inspiration from for your songs?

Jhun draws his inspiration from personal experiences and stories of other people. He is also influenced by songwriters like Rico Blanco, Ebe Dancel, and more.

5. Are you performing live, and where can people see you?

Hunyo is actively performing live at various bars and event venues across Metro Manila. They regularly post their monthly schedules on their official band page.

Social Media Accounts

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/hunyomusic

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/hunyomusic/

Youtube https://youtu.be/JiAh_evIFN0

Tiktok https://www.tiktok.com/@hunyomusic

Spotify https://sptfy.com/6iP8

Apple Music https://music.apple.com/ph/artist/hunyo/1553522672


BIYAHE https://youtu.be/54j3uQzBB9k?si=Gcnb7pAGpGnXW66h

SUGAL (Lyric Video)  https://youtu.be/37FZUpvpSf4?si=2HWHT2z33Baiu3lq

LQ (Lyric Video) https://youtu.be/qlkgzDlAOjA?si=-WWT5nPSC1ITbMSZ

SHOW ME YOUR SMILE (Lyric Video)  https://youtu.be/DoQ8fso0TiI?si=cEwL61VsSDIB9_oM

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